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Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 coming to Nintendo Switch in 2022

Nintendo has released a brand new trailer for the highly anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 which is heading to the Nintendo Switch in 2022. We have been waiting quite some time for the game to arrive on the system since it first made it’s debut a few years back, so it’s great to see a new trailer. It will be released next year and will enable players to explore above the clouds. Check out the trailer below!

21 thoughts on “Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 coming to Nintendo Switch in 2022”

  1. Hey, I thought Emily Rogers said Switch Pro was going to be revealed any day now since two weeks ago. I thought BOTW2 was supposed to be a Switch Pro launch title???

    Also where’s the HD Zelda rereleases? And the last Smash DLC?

    Sorry… I’m just poking fun at the usual case of all the rumors and “leaks” getting it kinda wrong.

    But hey… at least this Zelda G&W looks better than that Mario one.

    1. Oh boy…. now I sound really annoying and obnoxious. SOrry… I thought my first comment didn’t post. You can delete this and the above comment :/

    1. I guess they remembered the complaints about the sky being too barren in Skyward Sword & decided to use BotW’s huge world to make up for it. And the sky stuff in BotW2 might tie with the events of SS. Maybe bringing Fi & Demise back in some way?

  2. Remember all those rumors and “leaks” about a Switch Pro and BOTW2 launching for it and there was going to be an anniversary rerelease of the HD Wii U games? Remember when Emily Rogers said the Switch Pro was going to be announced TODAY circa two weeks or so ago? Did you see that one about how BOTH Smash DLC fighters were going to be announced???

    Heh… I’m not mad. I just like poking fun at how they never get these things right and, for some reason, everybody forgets and the cycle repeats itself next E3.

  3. Some people are saying they think you play as Zelda in the game and that it was Zelda the whole video. I don’t think that’s right as it is definitely link when you are in Hyrule. But in the skies he definitely does look different, but I don’t think it’s Zelda, it almost looks like a Greek god version of Link

      1. Yeah I just noticed that in the thumbnail. Makes me really wonder what the separation from sky and ground will be. The sky areas give me immortals fenyx rising vibes. Almost like that will be the replacement to shrines. But we’ve also only seen a snippet and we’ve seen almost nothing down in Hyrule, which looks playable as well

        1. Look at the thumbnail for the video that is linked above. Link is wearing a toga. If this were Zelda, it wouldn’t reveal half of the chest like that. And it looks like he has some markings on his arm from how the red stuff infected his arm and now he has that robot arm thing. Which you see taking place at the beginning of the video. So yeah, definitely not Zelda.

  4. This was super hype!

    And the only highlight of a rather boring E3 in my personal opinion – Smash was disappointing, Mario Party should’ve been DLC for Super MP, Metroid was ok I suppose… so yeah.

    And as someone stated above, that’s not Zelda because she’d be topless (not that I’d complain).

  5. Did y’all see the video where they played the trailer in reverse? Pretty neat. Still plenty of year left to announce a collection. Mario all-stars was announced late in year right?

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