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Pokemon Sword & Shield leakers required to pay The Pokemon Company $150,000 each

artwork for both Pokemon Sword & shield for the Switch

Two individuals who uploaded images from an unreleased Pokemon Sword & Shield strategy guide back in 2019, before the game launched and then published them to a Discord chat where the images spread, have been ordered to pay The Pokemon Company $150,000 each. One of the defendants snapped images from an unreleased Pokemon Sword and Shield strategy guide while employed by the company which were hired to print the strategy guide. The other defendant shared the photos which were snapped by the first defendant on a Discord chat where they then spread to a global audience. The Verge says that the defendants are required to pay The Pokémon Company $150,000 each in damages and attorneys fees.

17 thoughts on “Pokemon Sword & Shield leakers required to pay The Pokemon Company $150,000 each”

      1. “are required to pay The Pokémon Company $150,000 each in damages and attorneys fees.”

        The phrasing here suggests the legal fees are included in the 150 total.

  1. Sorry but no. After you guys pulled DEXIT, people deserve to know about the terrible direction of these games before they pre-order and pay upfront over something that’ll disappoint/piss them off.

    Also, no one likes to go in blind with common early-route Pokemon making up their whole party, along with missed legendaries their whole playthrough, not knowing they can plan their ideal team early on.

    GameFreak, stop being fucking greedy.


    1. I mean, there are contracts people have to sign that says they have to keep things confidential. And that’s a lot of companies. Like game testers can have contracts like that they aren’t allowed to talk about the development even AFTER the game comes out.

      And saying that people have a right to know what’s all in the game before the game comes out is ludicrous. If they’re that worried about it they could literally wait a day after release and all that info would be available anyway.

      As well as the no one likes going in blind thing…I mean dude not everyone is trying to play the meta game here, the majority will play blind going in and not going in with a plan.

    2. And people did know about it without the leaks. The pokemon company said it themselves. They are, however, entitled to breaking the news in the way they see fit. You are entitled to know about a product before buying it. You are not entitled to steal information about a product in development and go around shouting to people about a scandal before the company has even finalized their long term plans.

      It isn’t even a coherent thought to call Game Freak greedy. They didn’t make any PR decision, aren’t the ones to sue these people, didn’t write the NDA agreements these two violated, and don’t exclusively own the Pokemon IP or decision making process.

    3. Or maybe “people” could have just waited two days after release for the info to come to legit sources so they could choose whether or not to buy the game.

      Do you genuinely believe these leaks were necessary? You don’t have to buy the game on launch day, smart consumers wait until there is enough info to make an educated purchase.

  2. That seems petty tbh. I’m usually all for companies protecting their IP but who really cares if some player guide pages leaked? Do they really think they lost $300K worth of sales from the leaks? Pfft.

    1. That was cheap, I have signed NDA’s that has quarter million in euros in damage settlements.
      And that is not including legal fees.

  3. Seems fair. I hope every leaker gets caught. Having information on the internet prior to release dates spoils the fun. It is not how games or even movies are supposed to be experienced or consumed. Throw it some jail time too.

    1. Glad to see there’s people in the world who want lives ruined over minor spoilers “ruining their fun.” You’re not any more important than anyone else. By the way, if you care so much about spoilers, putting any effort whatsoever into avoiding them can work wonders. The fact that you’re complaining about spoilers on a public platform means you’re not trying to do so at all.

    2. jail time over a discord picture of a children’s video game guide? Actual jail time paid for by taxpayers? No thanks, there’s violent crime happening and I want the cells for those people.

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