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Video: Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will be taking place in Hong Kong

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown for the Nintendo Switch, which is being developed by Kylotonn Games and published by Nacon Publishing, have announced that the latest game will be set in Hong Kong. You’ll be able to put the pedal to the metal and race around the varied island to your heart’s content. The open world racer will be available on the Nintendo Switch system this September. Check out the new trailer, below.

The next step in your Solar Crown adventure starts today. Kylotonn Studios and Nacon Publishing are proud to present the location of Test Drive Unlimited Solar crown as Hong Kong Island! Navigate the bustling island in glorious 1:1 scale, and be absorbed by the city. Pick your path as either STREET or SHARP and let your personality shine.

Thanks to Andres Lopez for the news tip!

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