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Nintendo confirms Switch OLED Joy-Cons are same as the current ones

Nintendo UK has published a FAQ section on their dedicated webpage for the newly announced Nintendo Switch (OLED model) and it confirms what most of us thought, that the Joy-Cons included with the new model are no different from the current Joy-Cons found on the current Nintendo Switch system and Switch Lite system. The Dock is the same too and can be used on both systems, although a system update may be required. The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) launches on 8th October which is the same date as Metroid Dread.

Can I use the Joy-Con controllers I currently have with Nintendo Switch (OLED model)?

Yes. The Joy-Con controllers included with Nintendo Switch (OLED model) are the same as the controllers currently available.


30 thoughts on “Nintendo confirms Switch OLED Joy-Cons are same as the current ones”

  1. Yeah we know they are the same from the original system, but we know the drift will occurred overtime. We know we all hated that. Nintendo still didn’t solve the problem on what cause it.

    1. The GBA had 4 designs. The DS had 3. None of those redesigns added any processing power of any kind.

      The NES had 2 models, same specs.

      The SNES had numerous board revisions with tiny variations that they never announced, and the first full redesign lost a feature.

      The Genesis had 3 full designs, each with fewer features than the last.

      The Wii, 360, and PS3 all had multiple redesigns, none of them changed their current change gaming ability.

      None of this is new. The only unique thing about this announcement is that for some reason people had decided in advance what was “supposed” to happen.

      1. No, this is something new. Even though some the previous consoles’ redesigns had the same specs, they still benefit a certain crowd of people, or some of the redesigns addressed some of the issues. I don’t t see a point of this Switch is because you’re paying more for a better screen. I mean it’s nice if you play it constantly without using its docking station. However, if that’s the case then what was the point of the Switch light?! None of it makes sense. Nintendo should’ve just gave the docking station some beefy hardware that way if you wanted to play it on the TV, it would be a pretty powerful console.

        1. I don’t know why it’s only for people who play it “constantly without using its docking station”. I split my usage about 50/50 so I’d benefit from the greatly improved screen 50% of the time (and hey, maybe I’d play handheld more with a bigger, prettier screen). The point of the Switch Lite is to be a cheap model of the Switch. Whatever the point of the OLED Switch is, it ain’t that, as it’s more expensive.

          I would certainly have preferred to see a more powerful Switch model, but we were never promised that and at least this is going to stop there from being a scenario where there are essentially 2 platforms in one and original Switch users get shafted as games are developed for the flashier Switch Pro and run like trash on original Switch.

          1. You know what…I thought I’d never say this buuuut: That’s a fair point, I respect your opinion. I just think this Switch Saga is pretty interesting. I don’t care that they announced this Switch. However I do wish they addressed the Joycon problem and maybe released a updated version of the joycons. Similar to the Wii motion plus I guess.

        2. “I don’t t see a point of this Switch”

          ” you’re paying more for a better screen.”

          If there were an OLED screen option for $50 available at launch, I would have bought it, as would a lot of people. Just because you don’t care about something doesn’t mean nobody cares.

          Declaring something as making no sense is not an argument by itself. You have to actually show that there’s no market for the device.

          ” if that’s the case then what was the point of the Switch light?!”

          A replacement for the 3DS aimed for at children. Its comparatively low cast means that you’re risking less by having a child carry one around.

          “Nintendo should’ve just gave the docking station some beefy hardware that way if you wanted to play it on the TV, it would be a pretty powerful console.”

          I’ve wanted that since the Switch was announced, but there’s very little reason to make such a thing 5 years in. Its too late in the cycle for Devs to make new games that require that level of hardware. Even if it weren’t, nobody is designing games for only the upgraded version of the console leaving out 95% of potential customers. So all you really get is a small resolution and framerate bump, which itself cuts into the marketability of a Switch 2. How do they convince anyone to get a Switch 2 if a Switch Pro does 4k60?

          In the end, you’re really just judging this based on your preferences. That’s fine for you. If you don’t want it, don’t buy one. Declaring it “wrong” somehow just because it isn’t the category of product you personally imagined in your head doesn’t take you anywhere useful though.

          1. You know what’s funny, I really couldn’t give a shit about this news. It was just amusing seeing everyone complain even though they have a point. I don’t even play the switch anymore, Nintendo is so far behind to me that it’s laughable. Playing the same games over and over gets boring y’know?

      2. I have a better idea, Fuck the O(utdated)LED Switch…make some Joycon Pros or something with antidrift technology lol.

      3. “The Wii, 360, and PS3 all had multiple redesigns, none of them changed their current change gaming ability.”

        Technically that’s not entirely true. The Wii Mini was incapable of online connectivity, meaning online play, the Wii Shop Channel, and WiiConnect24 were impossible on that model. And what game came packaged with it?

        Mario Kart Wii. Which featured online play.

      4. Ive just seen a video from a switch developer and he said that the gaming industry made progress in the past 4 years and the switch is being left behind. I am not an expert on the subject, but my opinion is that at those times you are referring to the hardware demands stayed pretty much the same, where now the progress is way faster. Plus, dont forget the switch is as powerful as the PS3 was and it came out at 2006… 11 years before the switch. So yea, it needs an upgrade.

    2. The point of this Switch is to do the bare minimum and wait it out until they release is successor where they will then do the same thing all over again.

  2. Ok, i buy mario golf, some ancient zelda remakes but only for collector purpose :( i dont buy new switch. Mine old switch joycons drift great :( i dont need new pain..

  3. May I also add , yall complained about Sword and Shield for $60. Just saying. If yall really want your favorite company to come out with all the features you want then stop buying everytime they come out with a minor facelift.

    Am I going to get it? If it has Bluetooth support for my Jabra 75ts.

  4. Idk why Nintendo can’t just fix the drift. All of my joycons started drifting eventually, and I’ve never had this issue on previous consoles despite people telling me it’s not a new issue with ccontrollers in the industry.

      1. I’m surprised that they haven’t been forced to do anything about it yet, especially since Switch Lite owners don’t even have the option to buy replacements.

  5. I’m not saying this is true but just because they said the joy-cons are the same, as in there is no new design or features added to them, doesn’t necessarily mean that the internal components that cause the drift haven’t been changed for this new model. They aren’t going to come out and say that they’ve changed something to sort out the drift so it’s possible that it has been fixed.

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