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Nintendo announces Nintendo Switch OLED console coming 8th October

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The Nintendo Switch family of systems is about to gain a new member. On Oct. 8, Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will launch at a suggested retail price of $349.99, giving people another option for how they want to play the vast library of games on Nintendo Switch. Click here to view the video announcing the new system.

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) has a similar overall size to the Nintendo Switch system, but with a larger, vibrant 7-inch OLED screen with vivid colors and crisp contrast. Nintendo Switch (OLED model) also features a wide adjustable stand for tabletop mode, a new dock with a wired LAN port, 64GB of internal storage, and enhanced audio for handheld and tabletop play. Just like Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch (OLED model) allows players to play on the TV and share the detachable Joy-Con controllers for right-out-of-the-box multiplayer fun. And just like both Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, with Nintendo Switch (OLED model), the system can be taken on the go to enjoy its play-anywhere versatility. A carrying case and screen protector set for Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will also be available.

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) launches on Oct. 8, the same day as the Metroid Dread game, the next entry in the 2D Metroidsaga that kicked off with the original Metroid on NES. With the vibrant OLED screen and enhanced audio, embarking on the latest adventure of intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran in Metroid Dread while playing in handheld or tabletop mode will feel even more immersive.

“The new Nintendo Switch (OLED model) is a great option for players who want to experience the new vibrant screen when playing in handheld and tabletop mode,” said Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser. “With the addition of this new model to the Nintendo Switch family of systems, people have an additional choice of a system that best fits the gaming experience they desire – whether it’s Nintendo Switch (OLED model), Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite.”

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will let players experience enhancements in all three play modes:

TV mode: Set the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) system into the dock to play Nintendo Switch games on the TV. By using the built-in wired LAN port, players can enjoy another way to connect online in TV mode.

Tabletop mode: Flip the stand on the back of the system and use the system’s screen to play multiplayer games using two Joy-Con controllers right out of the box. A wide adjustable stand makes for a solid and sturdy foundation. It allows players to freely tilt the system and adjust the viewing angle, so it makes it easier to see the screen.

Handheld mode: Players can bring the system wherever they go in handheld mode and play local* or online** multiplayer with friends. The system’s 7-inch OLED screen provides vivid color and crisp contrast.

When the system launches, it will come in two color options:

  • Nintendo Switch (OLED model) white set, which features white Joy-Con controllers, a black main unit and a white dock.
  • Nintendo Switch (OLED model) neon red/neon blue set, which features neon red and neon blue Joy-Con controllers, a black main unit and a black dock.

All previously released Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch are compatible with this new model. Additionally, Nintendo Switch (OLED model) is compatible with the full library of Nintendo Switch games.

Source: Nintendo of America

58 thoughts on “Nintendo announces Nintendo Switch OLED console coming 8th October”

    1. You disappointed yourself! Nintendo never said they’ll make a pro model. Gullible people like you believe any lie that click-hungry “leakers” spread over the internet.

      1. Even if o hadn’t heard about the rumors I’d be disappointed knowing that I basically already own this “new” edition of the Switch. I’ve wanted a Pro revision/upgrade for the past half a year or so, and that’s a normal thing that comes from the timing of the initial release. It’s been four years since the Switch released, so it feels natural for a bigger, better revision to release. The New 3DS XL was released by this time after the initial 3DS release, and that was a full on upgrade with faster load times, better storage, etc. Switch OLED is basically just the 3DS XL instead of the New 3DS XL.

        Also don’t get me wrong- the new additions to the OLED are good additions, but how is it enough for me justify spending $50 extra for a system I basically already own? I don’t really use handheld mode, but I want a good revision. For me and others like me, this sucks. Not to mention that Nintendo is trying to market this game to people like me who use the TV and want a bigger revision. Just watch the trailer again and you see all of them treating it like a big new thing for the TV. It’s not, and it’s primarily a good device for handheld users. And that, again, sucks

      1. Its time for nintendo to leave the console business.Become a third party dev or take everything to the grave.

  1. The biggest question is, did they finally fix the joycon drift in this model. This is great for people who didn’t buy a Switch recently, or haven’t yet, but imo not that big an improvement to warrant me buying another system. Expected more based off the leaks I guess.

    1. I’m guessing it uses the current Joy-Cons which can be found on the OG Switch and Switch Lite. As the current Joy-Cons work with this and are interchangeable.

      1. So, I’m guessing they are using the same joy-cons, not the updated version. I can tell the drift is going to occurred after launch day and people will start complaining about it.

  2. Man, what a waste of an announcement. Switch Pro, eh? Yeah right. I don’t even play in handheld mode, so a bigger screen means nothing to me. I like the new colors and such. But there’s nothing really to justify buying yet another Switch.

      1. I’m also feeling pretty meh about this, but FYI, that is an over 20% screen size increase in terms of area.

  3. Pretty much what i expected to be honest, a revised model with the same specs but bigger screen. Why release a powerful revision when the current one is flying off the shelves.

    Honestly i think the Switch could use more software features like folders, themes, etc. You know, the stuff the 3DS had.

    1. That I agree with.folders and themes would be great that’s why users mod the statem to add these features I even considered ot for those factors alone.

  4. I’m actually extremely happy that Nintendo didn’t change the system specs too dramatically for this new model. Looking back at the 3DS/New 3DS/3DSXL/etc. situation, I believe it was the right decision not to fracture their market base by releasing a dramatically more powerful machine.

    I don’t think most families are ready to drop a large amount of cash for a small graphics bump just after corona devastated the world economy for so many. This move seems to better fit Nintendo’s philosophy on hardware increments and embracing “withered” technology to reach the widest possible market.

    1. The people who demand Switch 1.5 are absolutely selfish. I don’t want to buy another Switch just to play 3rd-party games who’s lazy devs didn’t bother making it run on classic Switch.

  5. This is no solution for joycon drift problem :( i am sad now. Thanks Nintendo i again think about suicide :(..

      1. If my computer would let me like this, I would. Seriously, get help if you need it. But please don’t joke about that if not.I know a lot of people who joked about it for brownie points

    1. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 (USA)
      Samaritans: 116 123 (UK)

      If anyone needs some additional help :) Worth chatting to them.

  6. Believing these “analysts” and “leakers” always leads to disappointment and self-entitlement as if a company actually promised and owed you something. I see it every time with Apple rumours, too.

    1. IKR, they act like Nintendo owes them what the “leakers” promised. Like small children that start crying because mommy won’t buy the toy they just discovered on the store rack.

  7. so disappointing that there is no upscaling dock. I was so eager to by the rumored switch Pro. this is the switch 1.2

  8. I’m not even mad. I’m just glad people will finally stop talking nonstop about the (nonexistent) Switch Pro.

    Also, OLED and a bigger screen are both pretty nice, but not really $350 nice. They should’ve just replaced the regular $300 model with this for the same price. I don’t really see this model finding its own niche like the Lite did without performance improvements.

  9. So if I understand, the improvements over the switch are increased memory and the screen?

    Sounds like the focus was on handheld/tabletop play with the update.


  10. Wait, so that’s it? Lmao, I honestly never saw the need in buying an upgraded version of a console/handheld just for some better specs when you have the og version but this is especially just wow. They’re charging $50 more just for better graphics in handheld mode? I know there’s people who really care about that, but honestly just keep it docked smh none of this warrants an upgraded version.

    1. Probably either slightly better or slightly worse than the August 2019 Switch revision. OLED is a bit more efficient and drains battery less, but the slightly larger screen might require more battery power.

      1. They apparently also use a new chip. I would be surprised if the $50 more expensive model doesn’t have better battery life.

  11. Behold! People furious that Nintendo “disappointed” them by not fulfilling their 100% imagined assumptions.

    Guys, think it through. We’re pushing 5 years in. The switch 2 will already be deep in development. Why would they release a Switch Pro model with dramatically increased specs when they’re going to need to launch fully new hardware in 24-36 months?

      1. Heh? What a strange response. I’m not sure I’ve ever agreed with Pachter.

        But I’m not exactly alone here. In every single thread on the site pumping up rumors about a Switch Pro, there were people pointing out how lofty and unrealistic some of the rumors were.

  12. I play exclusively in handheld mode, so I like the announcement, except for the extra 50 bucks? I feel like they do that (other than more profit) just to make recent buyers of OG switch feel better. Otherwise why not just make this the default model and keep price the same?

    Will they still be putting together new OG switches after this is released? If so will OG get a price drop? Looking forward to side by side comparisons of new games on different models, though by that time I will have already caved and preordered the new version.

    1. It seems from the images they provided that they will sell the original Switch alongside this slightly more expensive revised version and the Switch Lite.

  13. You can call it on whatever side you want to, the leakers getting hopes for people, or the people that believed Nintendo couldn’t possibly be dumb enough to put out another version of the Switch with NO upgrades internally.

    This is laughably weak and completely what I expected honestly. I even gave it slightly more credit in hopes it would be something more than just a damn screen upgrade.

    Now get out there and toss your wallets at Nintendo HQ and thank them for this “wonderful new experience…” everyone wanted.

    You’re welcome.

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