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Nintendo is re-releasing earlier amiibo alongside Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread, the next 2D entry in the Metroid series and a sequel to 2002’s Metroid Fusion, is releasing on the Nintendo Switch on October 8th. There are also going to be two new amiibo, one of Samus in her new suit and another featuring the game’s hostile E.M.M.I robot, that is going to be available on the same day as the game.

However, there even more amiibo related to Metroid that have been available for years. If you managed to miss any of them, Nintendo may be preparing to fix that. It has been discovered that the Smash Ultimate Dark Samus amiibo is not only getting a re-release, but the re-release is dated for October 8th. the same day as the game. So far, only Dark Samus’ amiibo has been confirmed, but it’s definitely not out of the question that more may be discovered soon. In the meantime, a tweet relaying the news is down below.

12 thoughts on “Nintendo is re-releasing earlier amiibo alongside Metroid Dread”

  1. Huh… I would have figured the Samus Returns amiibo would make more sense than Dark Samus. Wasn’t there a squishy Metroid amiibo?

    1. Yes, there was. The Samus Returns Samus and Metroid (complete with shattered holding capsule) were sold as a double pack here in the States- I was lucky enough to find one out in the wild so of course I grabbed it.

    1. Id imagine there being another metroid prime sequel in the works. Otherwise why would retro studios be hiring AAA talent.

    2. I doubt it. I think they said this was like the game closing the arc of “Metroids” and Prime seemed to be more about Phazon… and I think maybe took place earlier in the timeline? I’m not sure.

      But I’d say not since they seem to want to make Dread a conclusive story.

      1. See but the thing is we’re all just assuming Prime 4 takes place right after 3 or Federation Force, both of which take place before Metroid 2. But what if the new direction they have in mind for Metroid after Dread incorporates a new Prime trilogy of games starting with 4 and having it take place after Dread? I mean, Prime 3 was a perfect bookend to the story of phazon, and there’s no reason why Sylux would have to enact whatever plan he has right after Federation Force. I think it’s a decent theory that the story continues after Dread with Prime 4

        1. I’m hoping for this myself. Since Metroid Dread was most likely already being worked on when MP4’s development got restarted under Retro Studios, it’s possible.

  2. Honestly out of all the Metroid amibos this is the most common. I’m glad for fans that need it but honestly the original smash one or Samus returns amibos are way more sought and having been reprinted in years.

  3. PLEASE restock the Samus and Metroid amiibo Nintendo, I really want those but can’t find them anywhere without resorting to ridiculous scalper prices.

  4. Ridley? Plz!? Even though there is a good chance my son might bloody break it like he’s done most of his other amiibo, I still wouldn’t mind getting him a Ridley amiibo. Maybe he won’t break this one… Hah!

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