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Sonic Colors Ultimate – Improvements trailer

One Switch title many of you will be looking forward to revisiting is Sonic Colors Ultimate which is due out in September. The reasonably priced HD version of Sonic Colors is filled to the brim with notable changes and improvements by the Sonic Team. The graphics have been given a makeover and there’s a brand new mode which will see you race against the brutal Metal Sonic. You can also customise Sonic when playing through the single player mode with free cosmetic items. The game will also feature a remixed soundtrack along with customisable controls if you don’t like the defaults. Sonic Colors Ultimate is due to launch on the Switch and other platforms on 7th September.

  • 4K 60FPS (other platforms), new lighting, improved graphics
  • Race against Metal Sonic in the new Rival Mode
  • Change Sonic’s appearance with cosmetic options
  • Customizable controls
  • Remixed Soundtrack


10 thoughts on “Sonic Colors Ultimate – Improvements trailer”

  1. Cream the rabbit fanclub

    I’ll buy it as long as Omochao and Big the cat are not in it. Big the cat being playable was only good on sonic heroes.

    1. Tails isn’t even playable. So if you things like “Select a Character”, then you got your wish.

      ( …………..

  2. I do love the planet wisp remix. This updated graphics in the game still looks cool. But, I’m most likely gonna skip this, but as a true Sonic fan, I still love remakes and remasters.

    1. I’m mostly skipping it cause they literally made it more easier than it already is, I mean I was going to get it but their literally aren’t any major extra feature for people returning.

  3. Got this pre-ordered . Gave my copy of the Wii version away to family so I’m happy they brought this back, the improvements look nice, I just hope the switch version is optimized properly, but it’s a Wii game so I don’t think they can possibly ruin the experience lol

    1. Switch version runs at 30fps just like the Wii version. The other console and pc versions are 60fps and can go up to 4K

  4. I’m gonna kiss Amy Rose. She was on the Nintendo DS version as a mission giver for aquarium park.

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