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The Bravely Default series has now sold 3,000,000 units worldwide

Believe it or not, the Bravely Default series has been a thing for almost a decade now. The first Bravely Default game released on the Nintendo 3DS in 2012, with an expanded version called “For the Sequel” releasing later on. Bravely Second: End Layer released on the 3DS in 2015, followed by Bravely Default II on the Nintendo Switch earlier this year.

Well, it has been announced via Famitsu that the series has “sold more than 3,000,000 units in total worldwide shipments and downloads”. It is unknown how well each Bravely Default game sold due to the vague details that had been provided, but it is another milestone in a franchise that has only been going for 9 years.

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7 thoughts on “The Bravely Default series has now sold 3,000,000 units worldwide”

    1. Wow…..just wow……talk about grouchy.

      Despite the fact that you’ve apparently already made such a judgment, Bravely Default 2 has no regional differences. Not that the censorship changed anything to begin with.

  1. I heard they’re making a new game, but it’s on mobile. Makes sense to me, since the team that made BD II is more familiar with mobile games anyway (and if you ask me, they should have stuck to what they know instead of make BD II).

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