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Get a limited time gift item for Pokemon Sword & Shield

artwork for both Pokemon Sword & shield for the Switch

The Pokemon Company have today granted players a free Gold Bottle Cap for Pokemon Sword & Shield on the Nintendo Switch system. All you need to do to grab this precious item is enter the following code on the Mystery Gift screen PLAYERSCH01CEPC and you will receive the free Gold Bottle Cap. The code expires later today so be quick about redeeming it. The free Gold Bottle Cap has been given away by The Pokemon Company to commemorate the start of the Players Cup IV. Here’s an explanation from about what this items actually does for Pokemon.


“Gold Bottle Caps enable players to Hyper Train all of a level 100 Pokémon’s Individual Values (IVs) to max simultaneously. Though this process is exclusive to these Pokémon at their highest possible level, Hyper Training allows Pokémon to regain strength in stats that may have been dwindling. Hyper Training is accessible via the man in the right corner of the Battle Tower in Wyndon after completing the main story, and may be done individually with normal Bottle Caps or all at once with Gold Bottle Caps. Both types of Bottle Caps are obtainable through Max Raid Battles and other quests throughout the game, but are incredibly rare due to how beneficial they are for preparing some Pokémon for competition against other players.”


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  1. The best gift would be blocking Avery, Hop and Allister from post game Wyndon. My favorite team ups to challenge are Milo with Nessa, Kabu with Peony, Marnie with Piers, Bede with Shieldbert, Opal with Mustard and Melony with Raihan.

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