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Metroid Dread producer teases fans and says he hopes they look forward to “future episodes”

Metroid dread

The surprising new 2D Metroid title Metroid Dread for the Nintendo Switch was unveiled at E3 in June and looks set to be a grand adventure for both fans of the franchise and newcomers when it launches in October. The producer behind the game, Yoshio Sakamoto, recently sat down with the team at Japanese site Famitsu to talk to them about the upcoming epic. In the interview Mr. Sakamoto said that Metroid Dread will be the final episode in the current saga. However, he teased fans of the long-running series to look forward to “future episodes” which means more 2D Metroid titles. Here’s what he said:

“This is the last chapter in the series so far, the final chapter about the shared fate and adversarial relationship Samus shares with the Metroid. This isn’t the end of the Metroid series. We don’t want that, I’m sure fans don’t want that, and we hope you’ll look forward to what’s coming in future episodes.”

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8 thoughts on “Metroid Dread producer teases fans and says he hopes they look forward to “future episodes””

  1. If you wanna bring more 2d Metroid games then I’m game.
    I’m really hoping dread is gona be an awesome game. So far it looks like a stunning 2d platformer. Can’t wait

  2. I’m hopeful that Prime 4 takes place after Dread. It would make sense release-wise, and there’s no reason to assume that it has to take place directly after Federation Force (which takes place before Metroid 2/Samus Returns). I wanna see the Prime series take Metroid in a whole direction just as what they’re teasing with Dread being the final chapter of the metroids’ story arch. This could also be the reason why we haven’t been getting updates on Prime 4 after the development restarted, as well as the reason why it was restarted in the first place

    1. Prime does still have this whole cliffhanger with Sylux going, which has been teased in both Prime 3 as well as Federation Force, so I personally doubt Prime 4 will take place after Dread. I do, however, think it’ll go into a new direction. Simply based on the fact Prime 3 ended the Phazon story line.

      1. True, but there’s no reason why Sylux would have to go about his plan right away. It may be unlikely, but I think it’s definitely possible that he takes action later on once the Federation isn’t following his actions too closely (I assume they would have him on their radar after the events of Hunters)

  3. Dread is going to be the most challenging game that Nintendo ever face after 15 years in development and the game title finally comes true. This could be a game changer to fans I hope Metroid still have more of Samus backstory and have voice acting again.

    Also, I wouldn’t be surprise if this game get stream early by other streamers and youtubers before the release and soon another DMCA copyright is going to happen again and those gamers who is a streamer won’t learn nothing.

  4. Great- I want Metroid to become one of Nintendo’s juggernauts the way Super Mario, Zelda, and Animal Crossing are. Same with F-Zero, though that one’s going to be tougher.

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