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The Pokemon Company reveals code to claim Torkoal in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Those of you still playing the reasonably entertaining Pokemon Sword & Shield on the Nintendo Switch system will be pleased to hear that you can claim a Torkoal as a mystery gift. To claim the Pokemon all you need to do is enter the following code on the Mystery Gift screen, PJCS2020CHAMP. The code was given out by The Pokemon Company to celebrate this year’s Pokemon National Championships as the Pokemon was used by last year’s Japan Champion. Torkoal has the moves Burning Jealousy, Body Press, Yawn, and Protect and is equipped with a Sitrus Berry item.


28 thoughts on “The Pokemon Company reveals code to claim Torkoal in Pokemon Sword & Shield”

  1. Wish we had a code that would let us block Hop, Allister and Avery from the Galarian star tournament. They should have been cute waifus like Shauna, Bea and Klara.

    1. My thoughts exactly, only 23 hrs at the time of this comment and already expired. Am confused as to why.


      It was release like a week ago, this website report it late, good luck next time. Go follow they will keep you up to date whit everything related to pokemon.

  2. I don’t get why this is special I’ve gotten Torkoal many times on Shield in dungeons….this is a dumb article about literally nothing….

  3. I don’t get why this would be anything special at all…even if the code is expired….I’ve encountered Torkoal many MANY times on Shield in dungeons….I’ve encountered it so many times I don’t even go into the battle anymore. This is a lame article… better for more rare Pokémon

  4. Very disappointing, Nintendo. Posted this article today but code is expired. Good way to disappoint a lot of fans.

  5. So the codes expired and that was very upsetting. Also I would have preferred something more worthwhile like celebi or arceus or even darkrai

  6. Sarah Snyder/Watson

    This is absolutely ridiculous!! my special needs daughter plays this game and she was super excited for the code only to find out it DOESN’T work because it says it is EXPIRED!! Took me an hour and a half to calm her down from her meltdown because she thinks you lied and played a joke!!!

  7. Sarah Snyder/Watson

    When we tried the code and it said it was expired, in my time zone, it was July 19th at 5:26pm even though it says above that my original comment came in on July 20th at 3:26am.

  8. Gee thanks the code expired on the 19th. Do you know how they say better late than never? This does not apply here. Now i want my torkoal, but yet here i am

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