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Nintendo announces new content update for Mario Golf: Super Rush is coming later today

Nintendo has announced on Twitter today that a new free content update is coming to the recently released Mario Golf: Super Rush later today. The company accompanied the news with a fresh video showcasing what’s new to the game via the update and there’s a new Ranked Match mode, the mighty Toadette will be a new playable character, there’s a new course in the form of New Donk City from Super Mario Odyssey on Switch, and finally, new and improved motion controls. We will publish the full patch notes once they becomes available.


  1. Oh thank God finally I hope we get updates every two weeks just to keep the game fresh, although I have to say Toadette still feels unfinished she doesn’t even have a golf outfit like the rest of the cast, really make me think the rest of the roster will consist of generic Bowser enemies (I don’t mind that but at least let some of them dress up in casual golf gear since that’s the main ordeal of the base roster)

    1. Pshhh, what do you mean she doesn’t look finished? She’s clearly wearing a golf glove!

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