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Xbox boss pours water on Game Pass Switch saying no plans to bring the service to closed platforms right now

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said to video gaming news site Games Radar that it’s now very unlikely that Xbox Game Pass will come to any closed platforms such as the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation systems. There were a number of rumours back in 2019 that the service could be coming to the Nintendo Switch, but negations have most likely fizzled out as Mr. Spencer says “those closed platforms don’t want something like Game Pass” on their systems. However, he did say that the team is ‘totally open to discussions.’

“We have no plans to bring it [Game Pass] to any other kind of closed platforms right now, mainly because those closed platforms don’t want something like Game Pass. There’s a ton of open platforms out there for us to grow in: the web, PC, and mobile. So all of our focus, frankly, is on those platforms.”

“That’s not a slam on anybody else who has a system that works for them. I can see why the disruption of Game Pass is not something that they want right now. In the end, when we say we want everybody to be able to play on Xbox, we really mean if we can bring that full experience to a device that players want, we are totally open to those discussions.”

Xbox boss Phil Spencer chatting to Games Radar

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  1. Well, naturally. It would be pretty bad for Nintendo or Sony if Xbox released their game pass on their consoles. Even if they had licensing deals which passed on revenue to Nintendo and Sony. The only real alternative here would be for Nintendo and Sony to make their own “game passes”, but that’s probably not going to happen. Not anytime soon, anyways.

  2. And who was the genius that made a rumor about Game Pass “definitely” coming to Switch? It’s the same genius that made rumors about a console that never existed CoughSwitchProCough.

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