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Blissey joins Pokemon Unite on 18th August

pokemon unite

There’s a new Support Pokemon headed to the popular free-to-play Pokemon MOBA, Pokemon Unite, soon and it is Blissey. You can add Blissey to your party on 18th August which is this Wednesday. Its special Unite Move is named Bliss Assistance and the official Pokemon Unite Twitter says that it allows Blissey to go quickly to another team members rescue and protect them from oncoming attacks from the other team. Check out Blissey in action in Pokemon Unite in the tweet down below. Pokemon Unite is available now as a free-to-play game via the Nintendo Switch eShop.

3 thoughts on “Blissey joins Pokemon Unite on 18th August”

  1. I’m gonna get a Dragonite on pokemon sword. It will have wing attack, fire punch, thunder punch and twister.

    1. I had a Dragonite in my party during my Sun playthrough, it wasn’t competitive ready but it had really good ATK and SP.ATK but it was a glass canon.

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