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A quick look at Niantic’s Pikmin mobile app

A few screenshots have emerged of Nintendo and Pokemon GO developer Niantic’s Pikmin mobile app which is scheduled for a worldwide release this year. The only country to have had a closed beta thus far is Singapore. Like Pokemon GO, the Pikmin mobile app features augmented reality gameplay and while the screens don’t look particular impressive, the game itself could be fairly addictive. We won’t know for sure until we all get our hands on it. Niantic and Nintendo has reiterated its scheduled for a worldwide release this year. The screenshots were uploaded to Reddit and reportedly come from Niantic themselves.


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      1. On the one hand, I’m gonna wait and see. On the other hand…. yeah, you’re probably right. I don’t see the appeal, and considering that Pikmin is a RTS game, how and why does this even translate?

  1. wish pogo looked that good. then again I guess it’s on brand for most pokemon games to look ugly.

  2. I don’t like that since the release of pikmin 3 the only pikmin releases have been 3 short movies, a 3DS spinoff game, and now a mobile game like Pokemon GO.

  3. I do not care if this is basically a ripoff of Pokémon Go. This is is Pikmin, and it looks fun

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