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No More Heroes 3 will be the last No More Heroes game

no more heroes 3

In the span of almost 15 years, there have been 5 games released in the No More Heroes series. 4 of them are main games: No More Heroes in 2007, No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle in 2010, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes in 2019, and today was the release of No More Heroes 3. A spin-off, No More Heroes: World Ranker, released on mobile devices in 2012.

Well, Suda51 marked today’s release of No More Heroes 3 with a special message. It was revealed that the game was originally going to have a subtitle, “No More Heroes 3 Final Bout – All-Out Galactic War”. However, the subtitle was “too long” and they “ended up taking a hint from the Rocky series and simply going with No More Heroes 3 instead”.

Nevertheless, the subtitle wasn’t there for no reason. Suda51 confirmed that “as hinted with the ‘Final’ thing, Travis Touchdown will finally be coming to the end of his final battle, and will be embarking on a much-deserved, long journey”. This will be the last game in the No More Heroes series. You can see Suda51’s special message in an official tweet down below.

3 thoughts on “No More Heroes 3 will be the last No More Heroes game”

  1. It’s easy to forget how old this series is when each entry has felt so fresh and energetic. Whatever’s next from Mr. Suda, I’m sure it will amaze and baffle in equal measure. You can’t help but appreciate the sheer spectacle he brings to the gaming landscape. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

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