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Eurogamer also claims that Game Boy Color and Game Boy games are heading to Switch Online soon

Game Boy Color

Nintendo is apparently looking to expand its Nintendo Switch Online game collection by adding both Game Boy and Game Boy Color games to its paid online service. Currently the only retro game platforms supported on Nintendo Switch Online are the Nintendo Entertainment System which was released in 1983 and the Super Nintendo which was released back in 1990. The site claims its sources have also told them other platforms are also on the cards, which seems fairly obvious, however they wouldn’t state what’s beyond the Game Boy and Game Boy Color games on the Nintendo Switch Online service. It should be noted that Eurogamer did make a big error in 2016 by saying that GameCube games are coming to the Switch. Still, Game Boy Color and the Game Boy do seem fairly likely.

9 thoughts on “Eurogamer also claims that Game Boy Color and Game Boy games are heading to Switch Online soon”

  1. The Gameboy has even way more Shoveltrash available for Nintendo to release in increments every 3-4 months.
    But to be fair, I do hope they’ll bring Super Mario Land 1-3, some Wario Lands and Links Awakening, this alone would totally excuse for the load of trash that will come along.

    1. Nah man, shovelware first. Maybe a good game or two a few years in. It’s hard to get excited with Nintendo when it comes to legacy platforms, i learned to keep my expectations very low.

  2. Wait a minute… Gameboy would be the 3rd platform added to NSO…

    There were 3 versions of the GAMEBOY advanced AND “GBA” has 3 letters in it!

    And Emily Rogers said Mother 3 was coming to Switch so…

    It’s only reasonable to conclude…

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