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Bravely Default series will continue but development could take some time

bravely default II image

Bravely Default series producer Tomoya Asano has recently participated in an interview with Famitsu about the future of the JRPG series. Mr. Asano told the Japanese magazine that the series will undoubtedly continue as they have plans for a followup and so far the series has been a success for Square Enix. However, Mr. Asano cautioned that fans of the series will have to be patient as the development of a new game could take roughly 3-4 years. Bravely Default II has sold nearly one million copies on the Nintendo Switch and is coming to PC tomorrow.

“Bravely Default II was well-received by fans and as a result, we’re hoping to continue the series as we feel we can pull it off once again. With that said, we’re still in the planning phase, and I suspect development will take another 3-4 years, so we’d appreciate if fans could bear with us.”

Bravely Default series producer, Tomoya Asano


6 thoughts on “Bravely Default series will continue but development could take some time”

  1. Naturally. Making games takes time. Don’t think anyone expected another entry right away. The more time they take, the higher the quality of the series will stay in the long run.

  2. Let me guess, before the next game you’ll release a japan only mobile game with important plot that we will never be able to experience unless you read fan translations on wiki… again.

    Fuck, i hate Square-Enix sometimes…

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