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Rumour: Nintendo Switch could be getting a price cut in Europe next week

Usually reliable retail source Nintenalerts has discovered that Nintendo is planning to reduce the price of the standard Nintendo Switch system in Europe next week. The Nintendo Switch console will be sold for around €270 from Monday, it was previously priced up at €330 in Europe. Nintendo Switch continues to perform well since its launch in March 2017, but here in the UK customers seem to be opting for the newer PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X consoles, with Switch sales flat. Nintendo is also looking to introduce the newer Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) on 8th October which should help renew interest. Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo UK has yet to comment on the rumour of a price cut on Monday next week.



  1. Britain is not going to take to the OLED. If they want sales to improve in the UK what they need is new dock that enhances the visuals. What exactly is the point of the OLED model? It’s just not bringing enough to the table, which makes its higher price very unappealing.

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