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Nintendo Minute are back on Minecraft

Friday has arrived, so Kit and Krysta have returned once again for another brand new episode of Nintendo Minute. In this week’s episode, it is part 2 of the duo’s first time playing Minecraft, but this time, they’re able to begin taking the advice that they have received from fans a month ago, when part 1 released.

The pair said in the video description that “we’re back with more Minecraft. We’re still very much beginners and really bumbling through the game but you guys gave us some really good advice on our last video, so we’ve been experimenting with some of that and of course using our great book”. You can see Nintendo‘s tweet about the episode, which contains the video, down below.

2 thoughts on “Nintendo Minute are back on Minecraft”

  1. More for the first time Isn’t a thing, you play something for the first time once you can’t play It for the first time twice.

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