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The Nintendo Switch firmware has been updated to version 13.0.0

It has been a couple of months since the Nintendo Switch last received a firmware update, and 5 months since the last time a major firmware update was released for the console. Most of the updates during the summer have been small ones, where bug fixes and stability improvements have been the focus.

That pattern has changed tonight. Nintendo has released a new Nintendo Switch firmware update. Once you update, the console should be at version 13.0.0. This is a big update, with the main things being the addition of Bluetooth audio support and a couple of options related to the Switch’s internet connection that can be toggled. The patch notes are down below.

Bluetooth® audio support was added.

  • Headphones, earbuds, speakers, and other audio devices that connect with Bluetooth can now be paired with Nintendo Switch family systems for audio output.
    • Bluetooth microphones are not supported.
    • Up to two compatible wireless controllers can be connected to the system while using Bluetooth audio.
    • Bluetooth audio cannot be used while local wireless communication is active.
    • Depending on the Bluetooth audio device, there may be some audio delay.
    • For more information, see How to Pair and Manage Bluetooth Audio Devices.

“Update Dock” was added under System in System Settings for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch – OLED Model systems, allowing for software updates to Nintendo Switch docks with a LAN port.

  • Dock software updates are not available for Nintendo Switch docks without a LAN port.
  • This feature was not added to Nintendo Switch Lite.
  • For more information, see How to Update the Dock Firmware.

“Maintain Internet Connection in Sleep Mode” was added under Sleep Mode in System Settings.

  • When this setting is enabled, systems with wired internet connections will maintain internet connection even while in sleep mode. This allows for software and add-on content to download to the system while the system is in sleep mode.
    • The setting is enabled by default.
  • When this setting is disabled, the system will connect to the internet only periodically, which decreases power consumption and delays downloads while in sleep mode.

Note: Systems that are not updated to version 13.0.0 or later behave as if this setting is enabled.

The method to initiate “Calibrate Control Sticks” in System Settings was changed.

  • From System Settings, go to Controllers and Sensors, select Calibrate Control Sticks, then fully tilt the control stick in any one direction and keep it tilted for a few seconds to begin calibration.

Users can now view whether their wireless internet connection is using the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequency band under “Connection Status” after selecting Internet in System Settings.


10 thoughts on “The Nintendo Switch firmware has been updated to version 13.0.0”

  1. I make a joke about this but I’m actually genuinely happy we got an actual decent update, instead of a normal stability update, this is the only time we actually got a good update this year at the moment.

    1. Yeah, a good update for sure! I can finally use AirPod Pros with Switch. Tried them on Monster Hunter Rise and worked fine, but the volume has to be turned up quite a bit for whatever reason.

  2. I just got a bluetooth headphone adapter for my switch in the mail today… and they had to release an update that made that purchase 100% worthless xD What are the freaking odds?

    1. I mean, they’ve been working on this since the beggining of the year. But people never listen to the Data miners because they are put under “leaks” and so people think it’s the rumor mill sorta leaks instead of actually leaks.

    2. It might still be worth using the adapter. If you check the update notes, it seems to have quite a number of caveats for using Bluetooth headphones, like not being able to play local multiplayer, among other things. I magine using an adapter might not have this caveat.

  3. I’m sorry this is off topic. But I thought best to ask this on an ‘update’ topic.Has anyone experienced post drift issues ? I’ve had my Switch since the beginning and the last 6 weeks, my left joycon has suddenly become unplayable. Anyone experience this ?

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