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Nintendo of America unleashes Metroid Dread accolades trailer

The long-awaited Metroid Dread is finally here and it has received some rave reviews from numerous sites such as our own. Nintendo of America has unleashed a new accolades trailer showcasing some new footage of the game along with a number of review snippets from the likes of IGN and Destructoid. Check out what the critics are sayings about Samus’s latest deadly adventure in the video down below!

10 thoughts on “Nintendo of America unleashes Metroid Dread accolades trailer”

  1. I’m several hours in. Controls took a while to get used to but I am now fully immersed. This is an absolutely fantastic game. Super impressed.

  2. Still on the fence, a friend had sent me a review from a mainstream journo. Polygon I think it was? The review was complaining about Dread, but all of the complaints were things that I would praise a game for. The man actually complained that there was exploration in a Metroid game.

    Anywho, I bought immediately, convinced by this buffoon that I would like it, and I do. Super Metroid is probably the most comparable entry, if anyone is still looking for info. The game has a gigantic world for you to explore, but like Supr Metroid, there’s really an overall path they expect you to take, it just isn’t communicated, the breadcrumbs are there for you to find.

    Very happy with it so far, and I am hard to please these days.

    1. Definitely something stupid some idiot from Polygon would say. And Kotaku. And IGN. Etc. “Exploration!? 7.5/10!” Most game “journalists” are a disgrace these days. It’d be funny if it was Kallie Plagge who wrote the review. Twice she’s shown she’s an idiot so a 3rd time would be par for the course. “Too much water in this tropical style region! 7.5/10!” “Where’s the black zombies in Days Gone when it’s explained in-game that the virus kills all color pigmentation in the infected!? This game is racist! Where’s the inclusion!?” shrug I wish I could get paid for being an idiot. lol A lot of failing upward going on these days, it seems.

      1. The biggest criticisms of that it is 1. Too hard. 2. Doesn’t have a difficulty setting. 3. The game doesn’t tell you where to go.

        (quote from memory, not word for word) “Its just so unreasonable and uncompromising. You have to beat each portion of the game on the game’s own terms. If you’re stuck in one part for too long, too bad, you just have to get good, or you can’t experience the game……

        …. Its a shame because I’m a lifelong metroid fan and just want to experience the story.”

        So, giant mass of red flags all over the place. A lifelong metroid fan who dislikes not being told where to go? A lifelong metroid fan who wants to skip the gameplay for the story?

          1. Yeah that’s the one.

            “There are no compromises that might ease the pain of a particularly challenging encounter. If you get stuck on a boss for two hours, well, hopefully, you’ll get a handle on it before the third hour passes. Or the fourth, or later. Because that’s your only option!”

            Dude…… that’s literally ……. like all video games before 2005.

            1. Oh god! So glad I stopped reading where I did then! Putting MD on the same pedestal as DS was funny, though. I’ve played a lil of the first entry & Bloodborne & MD still doesn’t come close to those. Ninty’s got plenty of games that are easier than Metroid. He should go play one of those instead. Or watch a Let’s Play if story is the only thing he cares about. If I want to just enjoy the story of a game, I’ll go watch a let’s play myself. I played Saint’s Row: Gat Out of Hell on the easiest difficulty & I didn’t like how I beat it so quickly. Didn’t get to fully enjoy it. There is such a thing as “too easy.”

              1. The thing with Dread deaths is a little like Cuphead. Yeah, you might die 7 times in a row to the same EMMI, but dying sets you back all of 6 seconds, so the death is almost meaningless.

                The thing with Souls games is they aren’t all that “hard” per se. They just do absolutely nothing to teach you what tools you have at your disposal to solve the next problem. On your first playthrough in Dark Souls, you’ll pick class bonuses that won’t help you for the first 3 bosses, completely miss numerous side paths that result in substantial gear upgrades, and assume you have to fight bosses you can actually skip entirely. That’s not even counting the things they don’t tell you about actual combat strategy. Its not for no reason though. The game being a big functioning world for you to explore that doesn’t treat you as special, that isn’t designed around your convenience is kind of the point. Not unlike Metroid. Or, well, how classic Metroid was anyway.

                Shoot, imagine these people reacting to a game designed like the original NES Legend of Zelda. No guidance whatsoever. Oh, you didn’t know the 7th dungeon was hidden behind a fake bush? Too bad. The benefit though is secrets are substantive, and you actually remember discovering them. If a companion character popped up and said HEY! LISTEN! SAMUS! If you do a speed boost at that wall, you can break through! like this guy wants then the secret wall isn’t a secret wall at all. Its just a door.

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