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Capcom celebrates Ace Attorney 20th anniversary with a special website

It is a special day for Capcom today as the long-running Ace Attorney franchise is celebrating its 20th anniversary. To mark the occasion the company has produced a beautiful Ace Attorney 20th anniversary website which includes all sort of things relating the franchise including topics, history and the various games that have been produced over the years. The first Ace Attorney game was Phoenix Wright for the Game Boy Advance which was exclusive to Japan in 2001 and it wasn’t until 2005 that the west got a taste of the series. One thing to note is that the website is only available in Japanese at the moment and it is not certain whether the company will release an English version and a second thing to note is that the History section of the website says “coming soon” so perhaps a new game will be teased?

4 thoughts on “Capcom celebrates Ace Attorney 20th anniversary with a special website”

  1. You know, I never noticed that we never got the GBA versions of the games. I always thought it was weird that I never saw anybody with those versions and explains why I was thrown off when I read the games where original GBA titles 8 gears ago.

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