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Rumour: Nintendo insider Natedrake talks about a more powerful Switch set for release Holiday 2022 – Early 2023

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It is clear Nintendo is planning and developing its successor to the Nintendo Switch as development and planning generally begins in earnest once the launch model is out the door. Bloomberg is one publication which has detailed a more powerful Switch system which some believe will either be a Nintendo Switch Pro and others believe it is most likely the successor to the Nintendo Switch. With the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) which launched on Friday being the premium Switch system, but without any substantial improvements to the innards, all eyes are on what Nintendo has planned next.

Reliable Nintendo insider NateDrake has appeared in a new video and has spoken about what he’s heard from his sources regarding a more powerful Nintendo Switch system which he’s heard Nintendo is planning to release between holiday 2022 and early 2023. From what he’s heard it is unlikely to be a Switch Pro but a new machine and 4K will be achieved on the system via DLSS. Development kits for the new units apparently went out to major developers late last year and smaller developers are now starting to receive theirs and are being told to have the games ready by Christmas 2022. NateDrake says that the new machine isn’t natively backwards compatible due to a different hardware innards, but he’s heard that Nintendo is planning to try and work around it but it’s not been confirmed as of yet whether it will play original Nintendo Switch games. Here’s some of the details from Reset Era member SilverX:

  • No longer sounds like a Switch Pro but a Switch 2/Switch 4k based on what was learned, it all depends on how the marketing presents the product
  • 4k will be achieved through DLSS
  • Big publishers/developers got the dev kits late 2020 with smaller ones getting them this year
  • As of right now it is not naively BC with the Switch 1 due to it being different hardware and lacking TX1, but there are ways around it, depends on what Nintendo will do
  • Devs are working on exclusives, some PS/Xbox ports
  • Devs are targeting their games being “done” by late 2022, but a game being done doesn’t necessarily mean thats when it releases for various reasons.
  • Hears it will release within Holiday 2022 – Early 2023 period, within those 6 months (supply constraints make it hard to know exactly when it is possible, meaning could miss holiday season) 


30 thoughts on “Rumour: Nintendo insider Natedrake talks about a more powerful Switch set for release Holiday 2022 – Early 2023”

  1. Nintendo ain’t releasing new hardware right after the OLED and next gen won’t happen until maybe holiday 2024.

    1. Eh I can see an a late 2023 or early 2024 but I definitely call bullshit on next year. Even if it turns out to be true, I’m waiting until early 2024 because I just got an Oled. I can hold off on a new switch for a couple years

      1. Even if this turns out to be true or not, we still don’t know if Nintendo may release official announcements for this. I know its hard to believe these type of site sources like Bloomberg, but some people out there who is loyalty to Nintendo will never accept these type of fake rumors if this is not made by strange sources.

      2. When it gets released is going to be determined mostly by one thing, how well the current Switch lineup is selling. When sales of the current systems start falling off, Nintendo will release the new system. When that is, no one knows…not even Nintendo.

        1. Yeah but the Switch sales has been selling like hotcakes since 2019 and Nintendo know full well that they are making their next machine. Sure Nintendo or people might not know when is the next machine will be coming, but I bet the hackers will know as well.

  2. Huh, I feel like we’ve heard about this before… yeah, I remember one rumor like this earlier this year… and 2020… and 2019… and 2018.

    For all I know at this point, this could be the rumor that actually is right about the Switch Pro, but I’ll never believe it until it actually happens.

    1. It’s like how that one pastor keeps trying to predict the day God will end the world. Guess ya bound to be right sooner or later. Then they’ll scream “I fucking told you!” like they predicted it when they simply got lucky after trying to predict it every. single. year.

    1. So, Nintendo will release a 9th gen system 3 years after Sony? They’re doomed! LOL At least they’ll finally be in the 9th generation, as they completely owned the 8th generation as Switch will blow PS4’s lifetime numbers around that point, so I guess a good time to join the 9th generation, which hopefully the PS5 doesn’t have too big a head start- I doubt it with all the low production thanks to the pandemic.

  3. This again? Not happening when the OLED was just released. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if someone from Nintendo is just feeding these ‘insiders’ false info to make them look foolish, not that most need help in that area.

  4. You know, before the Switch first launched, I recall reading somewhere that the Switch was going to be made in a way where it can actually be expanded upon and upgraded. And I was led to believe that it would have the longest life-span of any Nintendo console because of this. Is the OLED a part of this so-called ability to be upgraded? Because I don’t consider that an upgrade. Just an improvement to something that should have been that way in the first place. If a successor to the Switch really came that fast, it would definitely debunk what I first heard.

    I know one thing. With all of this Switch Pro (and Switch successor) talk, I’d never buy the OLED model out of fear that I’ll be wasting my money.

    1. They are done with the OG switch, that’s why they dropped the price. To sell off back stock to sell more OLED ones to the retailers

  5. If this has any once of truth, I think he’s mixing up when the dev kits would be sent out vs. When the sytem will launch. That time period is complete reasonable for companies to start making games for a late 2023, march 2024 release.

  6. “Switch Pro Rumours will now end” they said.
    “We can put them to rest now” they said.

    This is why I never once believed these statements.

  7. Honestly with the changes that have happened with the Upper Management of Nintendo, I wouldn’t be surprised if this actually ended up happening.

    Is it likely? Probably not, but it wouldn’t be the first time someone claimed somethings coming from Nintendo, Ninty says “nah” then it ends up happening.

    With all of the negative energy going around the OLED version, idk how they Couldn’t get something more heavy hitting out on Market.

    I mean have the sales for the OLED been steady and selling like the previous iterations? It would be crazy considering all the backlash it received.

  8. Nintendo always do revision on successful consoles and bring the next one.
    GBA micro, Dsi, new3ds, i think the OLED is the last switch, and the next console is coming.

    About backwards compatibility i think they are trying to not make the same mistake (wiiu) and let customers think that is just a HD version of the last console.

  9. They will release it late 2023 and it will be a successor to the switch. Not saying this rumor is true btw, just thinking how it will probably go. By that time the OLED will be 2 years old and the original switch 6 and a half years.

  10. Fool me once, shame on you.
    Fool me twice, shame on me.
    Fool me three times, okay I was still hopeful.
    Fool me four times, well the rumor won’t die so maybe there’s some truth to it.
    Fool me five times, alright I’ve been burned enough to stop believing this will come true.
    6th rumor, okay stop I already know this isn’t happening.
    7th rumor, please stop this is getting old.

    …9th rumor

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