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More details regarding Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl arrive

Pokemon diamond pearl switch

A number of previews have arrived from North America journalists who have had some hands-on time with the forthcoming Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Pokemon Shining Pearl. These include the likes of Good Vibes Gaming and IGN and give us a little more insight into the new features included in the Nintendo DS remakes. One of the main points, and also a contentious issue, is the fact that EXP Share is turned on and there doesn’t appear be a way to turn it off. This means that all your Pokemon will receive a share of battle XP, like they have in recent releases including Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl also features an autosave feature, though this can be turned off if the user so wishes. Another new addition is that the Pokemon in your party can be switched in and out of storage at any time, again like the recent Pokemon Sword & Shield. Type effectiveness has also been included when battling a Pokemon you’ve already fought.

Here’s a handful of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl video previews:


20 thoughts on “More details regarding Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl arrive”

  1. Dang it Nintendo! If you want to add these extra easy features that’s fine but at least give the players an OPTION if they want them all on or not, stop forcing them on us :( ! You think Nintendo would’ve already been hearing about the complaints from Gamers about them making it to easy -_-. These features definitely don’t help them .

    1. Its not Nintendo, its GameFreak thts doing this. If Nintendo owned the ip then u bet they put more effort and/or listen more to the fanbase.

      1. @FirPtl

        Oh! That makes sense, thanks :) ! I’m definitely getting frustrated with GameFreak for making this decision because I just have a feeling that they KNOW that most Pokémon fans don’t want this feature forced on us but they just don’t care and are doing it anyway because they want
        to -_-. I just have my fingers crossed that they’ll do a future update on this game to make this feature an option if they here enough uproar about their decision from the gamers. Probably not but I can dream lol.

  2. Saw this earlier on Again, Pokemon Company is really pissing me off with this forced EXP bs. Not everyone wants an easy option that auto levels all your pokemon, the idea already sounds stupid in itself. One of the best things in pokemon after beating the story is constantly battling and leveling up each pokemon individually. I especially loved it in X & Y when I got to slowly level up 800+ pokemon at my own pace and enjoy what each one had to offer. That made the post-game last soooooooooo much longer. Now that they all level up at the same forced pace, that takes ALL the fun out of it completely. Sinnoh’s post-game is already pretty meh as it is since it’s only the battle fronteir and that pro trainer club, so this really isn’t helping. Thought this would finally get me back into pokemon since 8 years, but I guess not. Hopefully the HGSS or Black & White 2 Remakes are coming sometime in the near future…

    I swear, these people can’t make good business decisions if their life depended on it lmao.

    1. I do think the games’ level curves have generally been built around the new style of EXP share, but yeah, I miss being able to turn it off for a better challenge. X/Y’s main story is honestly much more fun with the added challenge of having it turned off because it makes you actually have to try in order to win instead of plowing through everything with no strategy.

      That said, it’s a choice being made to reduce grinding as a whole, which I’m normally okay with. I just hope they scaled the levels of trainers’ Pokemon in these remakes appropriately.

      1. Yeah the story’s wayy more fun like that. I actually enjoy losing battles in the main story, it teaches you to strategize better and it makes gym victories so much more rewarding. I don’t even consider X&Y in my top 5 for mainline games but it’s the only game I played for years on end without getting bored surprisingly. I had thousands of hours logged into that from just leveling up pokemon to 100 alone.

        Honestly I can’t even consider that grinding. That’s the fundamental way to level up any party members in an rpg. If you alter that then you’ve pretty much defeated the whole purpose of exp.

        1. Makes me sad that since Sw/Sh’s release that my interest in Pokemon has been slowly dying. I was hoping New Pokemon Snap & Arceus would fix that. Doesn’t look like it. Least there will (hopefully) be Pokemon Snap on N64 NSO to make me at least enjoy the good ol’ days. I got a weak spot for Eevee, though. I might buy a game that has Eevee (or one of it’s evolutions) as a focal point. (Still got “Let’s Go, Eevee!” on my eShop wishlist.)

          1. lol it’s the same for me. My first pokemon games were XD & Colosseum for gamecube and the starter was Eevee, which I always evolved into Umbreon. I forever have a weak spot for Umbreon cus of those games

            1. Dude one of my first Pokémon games was Pokémon Colosseum! After PK Diamond that was my second Pokémon Game :D ! That game got me hooked on the Evees also but specifically Umbreon and Espeon lol. Till this day those 2 but especially Espeon are my favorites!

              I also have my fingers crossed for a Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD remake one day, probably won’t happen but oh well lol .

  3. The problem I have is that technical machines are gonna be one use only again. I might cancel my pre order for pearl.

    Sounds like GameFreak’s CEO is cheating both on us AND his wife!
    GOD! Whats the big problem making it a feature you could turn off?? Why throwing these 2 wonderful games straight into the trash bin??
    With that stupid decision they spit on our faces once again. You could hope “faithful” would mean faithful :(

  5. Thinking of canceling my pre-order now. Always on EXP Share? Why?? Let it be an optional thing. The original Diamond and Pearl were great because they were harder than normal for Pokemon games. Let people choose their difficulty. Even better yet, remember when B2/W2 actually had difficulty options? Why not bring that back? This is just getting ridiculous

    Legends Arceus better not have forced EXP Share too otherwise Pokemon is dead to me.

    1. I hope you do cancel. My dream is that enough people one day just stop buying the latest Pokemon games and then they actually have to put in some effort in the development of the next game.

      They pretty much have a free pass right now to make whatever they want. People will still buy it. Even those that dislike it will still buy it to criticize it. They can get away with anything… unless the games stop selling well.

      1. I haven’t bought a Pokemon game since ORAS which was the beginning of the end imo. Gen 4 is my favorite generation and I was really excites for this. I thought it’d be more like the originals because of the artstyle. How disappointing

    1. The TM issue is such an easy fix too. Make them “break” after the first use but after you beat the Elite Four you can fix them an unlimited amount of times. Best of both worlds

  6. I’m glad leakers came through for me over the years. They showed me reasons not to buy LGPE and now I’ll skip BDSP due to TM functions and the exp share.

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