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iOS and Android game Mega Man X DiVE could be coming to Switch

mega man x dive

Datamining on the latest Mega Man game for iOS and Android suggests that Capcom is planning a Nintendo Switch port of the game. Mega Man X DiVE is developed by Capcom Taiwan and has received good scores on both the App Store and the Google Play Store. Dataminers have found that code referencing “NS” (Nintendo Switch) has been found in the game along with flags for amiibo support. Capcom has yet to announce a Nintendo Switch version of Mega Man X DiVE.

“The story occurs within the cyberspace in a place called “Deep Log”, which contains game data information and the memories of the players having fun with the games. There is a Deep Log for each game and player in the world, and they have been stored and managed for decades. After all this time, corruption and other problems may cause some program errors. The Deep Log from the Mega Man X series, administrated by RiCO, is having unknown errors that are causing data corruption. It is the job of the “Player” to repair the data and get rid of the errors in order to protect the Deep Log, using Hunter Programs to get rid of the Irregular Data.”



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  1. Oh that would be nice. The game is fun but wow does it suck as a mobile game. The graphics are demanding on the phone’s performance and battery, it lags, occassionally freezes, and the controls are terrible. Bringing to a console would fix all of it’s problems, except for the microtransactions.

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