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SUDA51 was once approached by Activision to make a Deadpool game

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Back in August, SUDA51 (director of the No More Heroes series and CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture) went on record to say he would love to make a Marvel-themed video game, listing Deadpool as one of his top choices. Interestingly, it seems that idea was almost more than just a dream. In a recent interview with VGC, SUDA51 revealed he was once approached by a major studio to develop a game using the Deadpool IP.

“Over a decade ago, I was actually approached by Activision at one point to make a Deadpool game… It was sometime after the first No More Heroes came out. Obviously, that plan never came to fruition, and it fizzled out in the initial planning stages but I had some really cool ideas for it at the time.”

– SUDA51

The first No More Heroes was released in 2007, so negotiations began long before actor Ryan Reynolds, the current face of Deadpool, first portrayed the role. Activision later went on to release a Deadpool video game in 2013, but it was directed by Sean Miller, and SUDA51 was not involved.

Ryan Reynolds’ solo movies as the iconic antihero, Deadpool (2016) and Deadpool 2 (2018), grossed over 1.5 billion dollars in total box office sales, and a threequel is on the way. The franchise is bigger now than it’s ever been, so maybe it’s time to give a video game adaptation another shot, perhaps with SUDA51 on board this time. Ryan Reynolds himself seems keen to the idea too, having liked VGC’s tweet from August about how SUDA51 would love to make a Deadpool game.

Check out VGC’s full interview with SUDA51 here for more exciting questions and answers. ICYMI, he also discussed how there’s three new IPs in development at Grasshopper Manufacture, and that he’s always open to collaborating with Nintendo.

No More Heroes 3 is available now exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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