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Grand Theft Auto Trilogy physical on Switch requires a download

grand theft auto the trilogy the definitive edition
Boxed edition stating on the front that a download is required.

If you are holding off until the boxed release of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Definitive Edition on the Nintendo Switch system, which is due on Tuesday 7th December, then you should be made aware that a download will be required. The majority of Switch owners who are waiting for the boxed release for the trilogy were hoping that all three games would be on the cartridge, though this now seems very unlikely to be the case. While it hasn’t been explicitly stated by Rockstar Games that all three games aren’t on the cartridge, generally companies use smaller Nintendo Switch cartridges to reduce the cost and therefore you have to download additional data. No doubt all will be made clear soon.

2 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto Trilogy physical on Switch requires a download”

  1. It’s probably not known yet. But someone on Twitter posted a picture of the PEGI version of this game, and it doesn’t have that “Download Required” written on the front cover. Do you have any idea if the PAL/PEGI version doesn’t require a download?

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