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Video: Pikmin Bloom launch trailer

Remember the mobile Pikmin game that had been previous confirmed to be releasing later this year? That news had come out only a couple of months ago, so it was only a matter of time before Nintendo was going to officially announce the game, as well as the date that it would be releasing on mobile devices.

Well, Nintendo has just revealed the game, and they have even released a launch trailer. It is called Pikmin Bloom, and developed by Niantic. Niantic is the same team behind Pokemon GO. The concept of the game, in fact, is similar to Pokemon GO. According to the launch trailer’s video description, the game is “an app that brings a little joy to your everyday journeys on foot. Walk to grow more Pikmin, walk to make flowers bloom, and walk to log your memories”. The game is available now in Australia and Singapore, with the launch rolling out in other regions over the next couple of days. The official launch trailer is down below.

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