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Nintendo says Switch still in middle phase and next-gen concepts and launch timings continue to be discussed

Nintendo has reiterated that they are busy working on their successor to the Nintendo Switch though it could still be some way off as the company stated to investors last night that they still believe the Switch is only in the middle phase of its lifecycle. The company said that they are still going through internal discussion relating to their next generation platform concept and launch timings, which sounds like the Switch successor is probably a few years away yet.

Q: What can you say about the 20xx next gen device? A: Nothing can say, Switch think is in middle phase of cycle, now have OLED and momentum continues with wide variety of software line-up. A: On next gen, we are not saying right now, we are still going through internal discussion on concept, timing etc and discussing everything.

David Gibson


8 thoughts on “Nintendo says Switch still in middle phase and next-gen concepts and launch timings continue to be discussed”

  1. I can see it being a few years off. It was already behind the other consoles tech, so what is a few more years, especially when Nintendo continues to crank out great games.

    BUT PLEASE….PLEASE! add Trophies and a much better online component. Nintendo games are literally built for both.

    1. If wvery game online was like Mario Party Superstars then people wouldn’t be as upset about the $20. Though even that could use some improvements with over seas connections. It even has an achievement board.

    2. I don’t think its an issue of the tech in the machine. Its just not how Nintendo designs their software.

      Nintendo releases a big update to each franchise per console. The only games that get sequels on the same console are ultra mega system sellers like BOTW or Metroid Prime, or games with an extremely low development cost like Mairo Party.

      How do you see them filling 4-5 of release schedule? They have BOTW 2, Metroid Prime 4, and…….. what exactly? Then behind it, they need to have development already underway for the sequels after these that WOULD be on the next console.

      I give it 2 years, 3 at absolute tops. They do not have the software to support to extend the switch beyond that and also launch the next platform.

  2. The one thing I think people don’t think about is that the console life is not solely up to Nintendo. NVidia and the manufacturers are also involved in when they want to making X1 products. If you start seeing base/Oled Switches available regularly on ths shelves at stores, then expect a new console announced within a year.

  3. Well, there might have something up their selves for their next machine in a few years, I’m hoping that they can bring a new StarFox game and Kid Icarus for their next gen even so it won’t happening. So, I won’t get my hopes up for this next gen console even so they are doing a lot of talking about not repeating the same mistakes from the Wii U era. Glad I didn’t get the OLED model.

    1. I wonder why they don’t use the same analog off the Wii U Gamepad and turn that into the Joycons? It’s sells may have sucked but those controllers never drifted.

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