Nintendo is expanding development capability by up to $900m, non-gaming by $450m and theme parks & stores $2.7bn

Nintendo has made plenty of money from the Nintendo Switch console which has been a phenomenal success compared to their previous video game console the Wii U. The Kyoto-based company has told investors what it plans to do with the accumulated cash. Nintendo says it will expand its video game development capability by investing up to $900 million, investing in its non-gaming expansions such as movies and licensing etc by $450 million, and finally, expanding its relationship with consumers which means things such as creating Nintendo Stores, Nintendo theme parks etc by investing $2.7 billion.



  1. What it means:

    1- We will not get the same problem in Wii/ Wii U/ 3DS era. Posibly we will have returning and new franchises.
    2- More movies and maybe we will get that Zelda serie. (Gwendoline Christie for Samus?)
    3- More parks and stores around the world.

    Finally Nintendo is the Disney I know it could be.

  2. I hope this means the gap in years for sequels will arrive sooner and not 15 years. Nintendo already takes too long to make sequels as it is. Hopefully they started on Luigi’s Mansion 4.

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