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Nintendo says there are over 250 million Nintendo accounts & 32 million Nintendo Switch Online subscribers

nintendo switch online

Nintendo has revealed more information regarding how many Nintendo accounts have been created and how many people have subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online. Nintendo says that 250 million Nintendo Accounts have been created and that the company has 32 million Nintendo Switch Online subscribers as of 30th September. David Gibson, chief investment adviser and co-founder at Astris Advisory Japan, says that the amount of new Nintendo Switch Online subscribers is disappointing as the company had announced that it had 26 million subscribers back in September 2020.

Over 250m Nintendo accounts, plus 32m Nintendo Switch Online paying members. I was think it would have hit 37m by now so seems low versus the 26m as of Sept 2020.

David Gibson

10 thoughts on “Nintendo says there are over 250 million Nintendo accounts & 32 million Nintendo Switch Online subscribers”

  1. The service is not compelling enough for most people to bother. The negativity from the poorly emulated N64 games and price increase won’t help it either. It still feels half baked nearly 5 years on.

    1. Nevermind the poor emulation, i haven’t upgraded cuz there needs to be a game that compels me to upgrade, Sin and Punishment is nice and WinBack being an obscure game with the Switch version being it’s first rerelease is also nice and so is F-Zero X and Banjo-Kazooie are a bonus but I’m looking for something that is obscure and good or something that hasn’t had a rerelease. Goldeneye ain’t happening cuz legal rights. $50/yr may seem a lot but if you think about it some of these games are still $50 and ain’t nobody gonna spend $50 for each game plus the console cuz retro collecting is expensive.

  2. All of those accounts, and I’m not one of them. Actually, I think I might have a regular Nintendo account (maybe). But I haven’t had any use for it since Club Nintendo ended. And I never will. I miss Club Nintendo. The days of physical rewards that actually mattered.

  3. I refuse to pay for NSO. In this day and age, to charge for such a poor online service and then have the audacity to charge for an expansion pack and bundle in animal crossing like its a favour. For a company so cash rich and forward thinking with their tech. Nintendo are so behind the times. Atrocious

  4. The number of NSO subscribers would be much higher if Nintendo would actually put effort into the service, and not more than doubling the price for the expansion that 96% of people just want the N64 games from. I have the basic plan because I play Splatoon 2 and MK8D with friends occasionally, but I’m not upgrading for less-than-mediocre N64 emulation and Genesis games and Animal Crossing DLC I don’t care for.

  5. This is kinda dumb, 250 million accounts but only 32 pays the online that’s really awful but, I beleve that the number of nintendo switch sold is just 93million so thats happening?
    There’s people that have more than one system so there should be less than 93m of real players, then why 250m? Many players have more than one account, I have a second one just to replay some games that dont have a second save file and other to try the japanese eshop. Most of people dont want their friends to mess up with they data so, other account. You only pay for your main account so in the worst case 40% of players pays the nso and thats not that bad having in mind what nintendo switch is.
    The easier way to get attention now is to say bad things about nintendo and especially about the nso even if is not true.

  6. Why don’t you guys get games like call of duty battlefield & warzone on your platform then people will for sure join I would love to be able to play some of those on the go 🤷🏿‍♂️

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