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Dataminers have found that at least 38 N64 games & 52 SEGA Genesis games are planned for Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch online + expansion pass

By now, you likely know that Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack launched last night. It is not surprising, but dataminers have already been hard at work, looking deep into the files of the updated Nintendo Switch Online to see the contents that are normally hidden away from the public.

Well, the datamining has already managed to discover something interesting. According to a game list for each retro library, there are at least 38 Nintendo 64 games & 52 SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive games planned for the service. It is not known if this is all they will be adding. Unfortunately, the names of the games that aren’t included yet are not mentioned in the list. There are numbers reserved for the games, but the names are missing, and there is only a blank space instead.

Another thing has also been discovered from these two game lists, but it’s not as surprising. The first digits of Game IDs on the lists are related to the console it is from. The NES is 1, SNES is 2, Nintendo 64 is 3, and SEGA Mega Drive is 5. It implies that at least one more retro game library is coming to Nintendo Switch Online, and it is highly suspected to be Game Boy games.

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15 thoughts on “Dataminers have found that at least 38 N64 games & 52 SEGA Genesis games are planned for Nintendo Switch Online”

  1. For n64, they better give us 1080 Snowboarding, Diddy Kong racing, banjo tooie, donkey Kong 64 and Mario party 1-3 on there.

  2. PLEASE let at least one of the Snowboard Kids games be on there- the two N64 games are such underrated gems. I’m sure Atlus (yes, THAT Atlus- the studio behind SMT, Persona, Catherine, etc.) is on good enough grounds with Nintendo to allow it.

    Erhem, of course I won’t be getting the Expansion until they fix the problems with it and make it more worth the price.

    1. Same man. I have such fond memories of playing snowboard kids with my family as a kid. But no way in hell am I gonna fork over $85 just to play it when I don’t even get to keep it lmao. I’ll stick to my emulator thank you very much.

    1. The rights to Sora is only owned by 2 companies. Goldeneye is owned by SEVERAL so it’s not the same. But keep hoping. I guess it could happen one day. Just don’t hold your breathe. You’ll die.

  3. I hope they plan to add more consoles or build on what they’ve added to these apps for the next console. It’s really tiring having to see them reset the catalog every time when the previous consoles’ selection still feels incomplete.

  4. Christopher Edward Cummings

    Gauntlet Legends 64 please, I’ve been waiting do many years for a rereleased if this amazing and entertaining twin stick adventure game.
    Also would like to see Wave Race 64, Star Wars Episode racer and Rogue Squadron, Quake 2, and Robotron 64.

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