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Square Enix releases new Triangle Strategy trailer

triangle strategy

The next big promising tactical RPG from genre powerhouse Square Enix for the Nintendo Switch platform is set to be Triangle Strategy. The game takes nods from classic strategy games from the past such as the much loved PS One classic Final Fantasy Tactics and its unique visual style takes inspiration from Square Enix’s former Switch exclusive Octopath Traveler. Despite Triangle Strategy’s ridiculous name, this tactical game is looking very promising and an early demo of the game is available for you to test out on the Nintendo Switch eShop. You can get your hands on Triangle Strategy for Switch on 4th March, 2022.

“Test the weight of your convictions in this upcoming turn-based strategy RPG from Square Enix. The decisions you make as Serenoa, heir to House Wolffort, will impact the path the story takes and ultimately, its outcome. Who will rise and who will fall?”

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