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Japan: SEGA trademarks Sonic Frontiers

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SEGA has now trademarked Sonic Frontiers in Japan, leading many to believe that this is the new unannounced Sonic project that the Sonic Team has been working on for quite some time. SEGA and Sonic Team announced that they were working on a new Sonic the Hedgehog project back in May this year, and not much, if anything, has been revealed about the mysterious new game. Now that the name of the new Sonic game seems to have been finalised over at SEGA, perhaps we will finally get a glimpse of what coming.


9 thoughts on “Japan: SEGA trademarks Sonic Frontiers”

  1. Lol sure hope the plot isn’t “Edgy villain wants to take over, blah blah, Tails can’t do anything by himself btw, yet another appearance of the Deadly six when no one likes them, Eggman gets in another big robot just for you to break it and save the day, play yet another recycled fight against shadow/chaos/metal sonic, and Classic Sonic is here yet again for absolutely no reason”.

    1. I kinda do don’t mind Zavok but yeah everything you said was true forces is literally just the parallel to lost world except it took the edgy approach and kinda shoehorns classic sonic without a reason

      1. For me, it’s just the Deadly Six have zero appeal as villains. You always have villains you either hate because they’re villains, you respect, you mutually agree with, etc, and then there’s the category of villains that just annoy and irritate you uncontrollably. That’s the Deadly Six for me lol. If it was just Zavok, then yeah I wouldn’t mind him at all but the rest………they gotta go.

  2. Since Rangers is indeed a prototype name, Sonic Frontiers cloud be the final name for a upcoming Sonic game in 2022. But, the title still remains unclear if we might get some news for the game sooner or later or in March SXSW in 2022. back in 2016, Sonic Forces was originally titled Sonic Wars.

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