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SEGA looking to create a major global title in next few years and could spend $882 million on it

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SEGA has already talked about creating a new major global game and the Japanese company is prepared to spend a lot of cash on its creation and infrastructure. The company says it has the potential to spend $882 million on it, but this would cover investments in its own in-house development teams, marketing and merchandise etc, and also the possibility of acquiring other development studios in its creation, either from abroad or in Japan. Future acquisitions by SEGA would be made with the purpose of compliment its own existing developers.

“Naturally, we project that the scale of investment in the development of such super games will be sizable. We will need to incorporate new technologies and trends. To this end, we will have to invest from the perspective of developing the pipeline and shoring up our value chains.”

“I think back to when we acquired and consolidated Atlus,” he said. “This brought us two major benefits. One was the highly appealing, world-class IPs Atlus had developed in the role-playing game genre. The other was the solid localization capabilities of the U.S.-based site.

“The outcome of this is clearly evident in the rising Metacritic scores, which in turn is leading to growing sales in overseas markets. These kinds of acquisitions that enhance our functionality will definitely be a major strength in the long run, and we will continue to proactively explore investments from this point of view.”

“I also have the sense that our collaboration with other companies has been lacking,” he said. “Now, in part to better respond to rapid changes in the market, we are increasing opportunities to be in communication with our various business partners.

“More robust collaboration has enabled us to enhance game quality and gain footholds in the development of new services and games. Of course, collaboration brings challenges. But backed by our strong brand recognition and a rich lineup of IPs, SEGA stands firmly in position of strength.”

SEGA President and COO, Yukio Sugino


14 thoughts on “SEGA looking to create a major global title in next few years and could spend $882 million on it”

      1. If we assume this is going to be the total costs they’ll have to sell at least 14.8 million copies to break even, but I’m sure that’s not going to be the total costs. We’re talking about a milestone that hardly (if any) of their games hit, and it’s way too high risk without SEGA using some sort of way to exploit peoples’ pockets.

        1. You know, now that you mention it, they been trying to bring back there old IPs from the dead and they just did. But some of there old classic IPs still reminds in the dead. SEGA still has been a bit slow lately with there titles and and selling those most copies might be a huge goal for there investment and SEGA is basically not in the top 1 like Nintendo is now. But, I do understand what you mean.

  1. Gee, I’m sure this won’t blow up in SEGA’s face.
    Y’know, the company that can’t even make good games for their own mascot anymore?

    1. I mean can someone remind me why the hell they own ATLUS? That company is better off being bought by another company that can utilize their backlog of games that are unavailable on modern consoles.

    2. you all act like the only make sonic games lmao. sega has made plenty of great games without sonic in the past few years. im sure this game will be fine

      1. I never mentioned nor suggested that they “only make Sonic games”, I only said that they’re utterly incapable of making decent games for their main mascot, which reflects very badly on them. Interesting how you’ve not given any examples of these supposed “great games” though.

        And considering SEGA had to lay off hundreds of employees last year, it’s an absolutly AWFUL decsion for them to put this much money into a single project. They’re putting even more jobs at risk to do this.

        If this “project” fails, or doesn’t bring in anywhere close to the amount of money it took to make, it could very well be the end of SEGA as we know it (which, to be perfectly honest, would probably be for the best at this point. They clearly have no idea what they’re doing at this point).

  2. Well, not gonna lie but SEGA was really slow these days to bring in new Sonic games and bringing back there old IPs from the dead. It feels like the company is not really the same anymore since 2010. They used to release 3 to 4 Sonic games on that year, but later on, time has past and they stop doing it for some reason. Now they are releasing 2 Sonic games at a time.

    1. I don’t want to be labeled as a “grammar b***h” but it’s “their” not “there” example: bringing back their old IPs instead bringing back there old IPs. Sorry.

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