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Some footage of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl has already started to leak online, almost two weeks before launch

pokemon brilliant diamond and shining pearl

The highly anticipated Nintendo Switch remakes of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl are almost here, with an official launch date set for 19th November. Although that’s still almost two weeks away, some lucky fans have managed to already get their hands on the games. Retailers have begun receiving their shipments of physical copies, resulting in a few instances of foul play and unauthorized early sales.

Over on the /r/PokeLeaks subreddit earlier today, a since deleted Reddit account posted three images and video footage of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, claiming in the post’s title that they “got it early” without elaborating further as to exactly how. It is unknown why the account, along with the posts, have been deleted. One possibility is that they received a DMCA takedown request from Nintendo, but it seems more likely that the user took it down themselves, trying to avoid potential legal trouble due to the amount of traction the post was receiving.

A few days prior to the aforementioned footage being leaked, a different Reddit user from Australia shared an image of an advertising display at their place of work for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. They claimed that copies of the games have already arrived at the store, and were being locked away in the back room. After trying to purchase one early, they were told that they could lose their job for breaking the street date, so they decided against it. Other retail workers in North America apparently weren’t as cautious however, as Pokémon Brilliant Diamond box-art images have started to leak on both Twitter and 4chan.

More leaks are bound to happen within the coming days, so make sure to be careful online if you want to avoid any spoilers.


10 thoughts on “Some footage of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl has already started to leak online, almost two weeks before launch”

  1. I don’t personally care for the distortion world but I do want to go back to stark mountain and turnback cave so get off your butt Chinese Riddler and post it online before I buy pearl. I actually disappointed with the lack of spoilers.

      1. I know right ?! I already saw someone selling Diamond online for $100 each lol. He must have connections to already be selling it this early .

  2. Lol I can confirm that this is 100% true especially on some Selling sites and Apps. There is a guy on there that ALREADY has some Pokémon Diamond games for the Switch lol 😓. He’s selling each one for $100 each though and already sold some. I could’ve bought one but I rather wait for the official release and I’m not paying no $100 lol. But this is just wow…

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