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US NPD results for October 2021: Switch No.1 system and Metroid Dread has highest launch for Metroid franchise

The latest video game software and hardware charts are now in for the month of October, courtesy of the NPD Group which tracks sales across the United States. The best-selling system based on dollar sales and units sold was the Nintendo Switch family of systems which received a big boost last month thanks to the newly released Nintendo Switch (OLED Model). The best-selling video game for the month of October in the USA was the latest Far Cry game from Ubisoft Toronto, Far Cry 6. The latest Far Cry game was followed by Back 4 Blood (No.2), Metroid Dread (No.3) -which was the biggest Metroid launch to date in the USA, Madden 22 (No.4), and finally, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicles (No.5).


    1. It never made sense why software developers can see the sales results of the games they made and yet not be motivated to make another sequel right away. For some dumb reason that never made sense.

      1. Like the FIFAs and CODs made every year that you lot complain about… every year?

        Success doesn’t mean a franchise should be milked. Let them take their time and give us another great game.

        We can wait.

  1. Well, a month past and it was just like I said. People where ober thinking the PS5 sales of last month. If the Switch didn’t hit number 1 this month it would have shown the interest in the system is actually declining, but this just shows the decline of sales was tied to Nintendo and consumers getting ready for the revision launch.

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