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Nintendo of America president says “We take the feedback very seriously” when asked about emulated N64 games on Switch Online

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Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass launched last month and with the increased fee came the addition of Nintendo 64 games and SEGA Mega Drive games plus the new downloadable content pack for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Issues were raised about Nintendo 64 emulation as soon as players were able to upgrade their membership and test out the batch of N64 games available. Videos soon. flooded social media platforms about the poor emulation on the classics which include input lag and also rendering issues. Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser was asked about the issues surrounding the Nintendo 64 games by technology site The Verge and says that the company “takes the feedback very seriously” and they are “continuing to look at ways to improve the overall performance.”

“We’re constantly looking for ways to make our online features and those games better and continuing to add value through more services and more games as we go forward. We take the feedback very seriously, and we’re continuing to look at ways to improve the overall performance. For us, it’s about quality and great content at a great value.”

Doug Bowser, president of Nintendo of America


35 thoughts on “Nintendo of America president says “We take the feedback very seriously” when asked about emulated N64 games on Switch Online”

  1. Lmfao “We take feedback very seriously”. What an absolute joke. You can’t say that with a straight face when

    They continue to neglect series like f-zero, starfox, etc
    Nintendo Switch Online has the model, prices, lack of benefits, and microtransactions that it does
    They replaced their member rewards service with a hollow shell of what it used to be
    They still have yet to give their fans access to gamecube, wii, gameboy color, and gameboy advance games except through a garbage subscription service
    Their mobile games are terrible and follow the same pathetic monetization practices as other companies

    I swear the list could go on, but I’m not gonna start that. This is as ridiculous as the Pokemon Company saying “We take feedback very seriously”. Yeah, maybe when hell freezes over, but as of right now they sure do not.

    1. Oh yah, Pokemon is a perfect example of the companies not taking feedback seriously and is exactly why Arceus is exactly like Sh/Sw. I see people still chooss to selectly ignore Star Fox Zero exist and the etc. doesn’t mean much when Nintendo has been bringing back dead franchises to see people’s interests in them, including games as obscure as Famicom Detective Club. Last time I checked Switch Online doesn’t have a bunch of Microtransactions, so I don’t know you pulled that from. Nintendo did release mobile games at a set price at first, nobody bought them. So they passed development to actually Mobile developers who put in their systems and even the poorest of the results did better than the Microtransaction free games Nintendo release. Nintendo does have many things they can fix, but that doesn’t mean they ignore everything people criticizes them for.

      1. Did you really just comment this? Dude, Star Fox Zero is the SAME DAMN 64 STORYLINE RETOLD YET AGAIN. Nintendo is too lazy to add something new to the franchise, which has soooo much potential, but all they know what to do with it is redo 64 over and over. Bringing up Famicom Detective Club doesn’t mean much when I’m talking about franchises that had big fanbases like starfox and fzero. It’s nice for the people who actually play that detective game, but not what I’m talking about. Don’t get me started on the Pokemon Company. The quality of their games have gone downhill since Black & White 2, Sh/Sw was a dissapointment as usual and legends: arceus is just another cash-in on all the sinnoh hype and nostalgia.

        When I said microtransactions, I’m referring to the expansion pass for N64/Genesis games. It’s another purchase within the purchase of the subscription service, so I call it a microtransaction, unless that’s the wrong word I’m looking for in this case. Their mobile games are garbage regardless. They’re infected with nothing but gacha, metas/powercreeps, microtransactions. Don’t even act like that’s not bad, it’s horrendous.

        Lastly, fix your claim because I never said “they ignore everything people criticizes them for.” I said “they don’t take feedback seriously”. Those are 2 very different things. We could go on and on with this but fact remains that Nintendo is stuck in the past and playing catch up with Xbox/Playstation because they fail to address the various problems that they themselves created.

        1. If they don’t take feedback seriously, then they wouldn’t respond to any criticism. Complaining about the mobile games is meaningless if the fans didn’t put their money where their mouths where. People didn’t buy the mobile games that didn’t have micro transactions and they are spending money on the ones that do. If you wanted Nintendo to break the mold on how the mobile phone market works, then you missed your chance to prove to the investors and partner companies that it’s a worth while adventure. Yes, Microtransactions is the completely wrong term. That refers to multitudes of $5 or less purchases. An example of this would be the Mii costumes in Smash Ultimate. Star Fox Zero had story beats pulled from 64, but the level design, controls are completely different with entirely different vehicle options and even different areas. The mere fact your saying “it’s just 64 again” shows you didn’t play the game. Here’s a well done mildly sarcastic video that properly goes over how Star Fox Zero isn’t just Star Fox 64 again.
          As much as Pokemon fans like to claim that GF just does what not for no reason, a lot of their decisions have been based on feedback. People love to say B/W where the last good Pokemon game… they ignore how it’s also the worse selling Pokemon game. X and Y where made to be the exact opposite because of this. S/M where made in response of people saying the want the progession formula changed. Sh/Sw focused to much on the complaints from the competitive community. And the whole, Arceus isn’t what fans ask for, I see from my other replies is complete BS. So many fans where asking for open environments only and a new battle system. I do agree that GF has been lackluster since B/W, but doesn’t mean they don’t listen to the fans. Again, if they didn’t, we would be getting Sw/Sh 2, not Arceus. Hell, if Nintendo didn’t take fan feedback seriously we would have never gotten Twilight Princess or BOTW, as those two games where made specifically because of feedback from the fans and critics.

          1. Smh, it’s obvious that you’re insistent on blindly defending companies and making excuses for them, so I’ll just see myself out. I got better things to do than continue this pointless debate.

          2. Why are you specifically focusing on the model scaling with Arceus? That isn’t even proportional to the amount of time and work it takes to program the other battle facilities.

            1. Nvm, I realized you meant Legends. I don’t think it was specifically Pokemon fans who wanted open world, because open world fans will beg everything to become an open world game. There’s plenty of features that haven’t been in the games for a longer amount of time than those open world fans have been requesting genres being converted but still have yet to make a return.

      2. Gamefreak has been ignoring fans who’ve been wanting the battle facilities back for over a decade, yet you think they’re good at listening to feedback because they made Arceus freakishly large? This is probably the worst attempt I’ve seen defending them to date, and I’ve seen a lot of bad attempts.

          1. We can’t even trust them to not do bold-faced lies. One of Masuda’s excuses for the culling was to improve animations, yet they’re of the same quality we see in the 3DS games. Another excuse was to make the games balanced, yet what do we see made available in the DLC? a bunch of legendaries. I wouldn’t be surprised if their excuse for not including the battle facilities is because of kids being distracted by phones nowadays was another lie to cover up the real reason. It’s actually quite astonishing that gamefreak still has a strong defense force despite things like this happening.

            1. Yeah every now and then, people started to lose trust on GameFreak due to the reuse models they used from Sun and Moon and used it for Sword & Shield. People have realize that Masuda excuses is basically pathetic just to lore some people in to Smart Phone gaming like Pokemon Go, Pokemon Unite or Pokemon Masters. Also, you could be right about gamefreak has a strong defense force.

              The only thing that disappoint people is gen 4 remake designs witch is basically lazy for GameFreak to do instead of making the new models for a new game.

    2. Sadly a lot of what u said is true. The overall attitude fans feel from nintendo is certainly not that they are “listening” to them.
      Pretty sad since Nintendo has so much potential. Really look at where they are even though fans keep getting disappointed…
      You cant please them all but there are overall steps that can be taken to really justify prices and make Nintendo an even more beloved company.
      Fixing the Joy-Con drift is an awful example of Nintendo neglecting their customers. I mean yea you could give you Joy-Con to them and get it fixed for free, but not all countries have Nintendo’s service in them. When the WiiMote strap was too weak and it snapped when people played, causing injuries and broken furniture, Nintendo eventually started to sell them with a proper strong enough strap. It took too much time but thats what was needed to be done. The new Joy-Cons should NOT drift!

  2. I hope performance isn’t the only thing they are trying to fix. I also want to see either a price cut or platforms announced next year. I’m not paying $50 a year for a bunch of N64 games I just bought on the 3DS and Wii/Wii U not to mention I have Mario 3D All Stars, a Sega Emulator when I already have the Sega Collection on the Switch and an Animal Crossing Expansion DLC when I don’t even have the game. In every way this would be a waste of money for me as it is currently.

    I want a platform I haven’t played in a while like Gamecube and throw in Gameboy and Gameboy Advance in there too and maybe I’ll put in the extra $30 for my online membership. And make sure they work too! Till then, I might even stop paying the $20 for the standard plan just to not support this garbage online service Nintendo put together. Love their games, but man do they need to get with the times.

  3. What an absolute farce.
    The value in Nintendos online service is terrible.
    The cost is one thing but to bring games to the platform that are poor emulators is a disgrace.

    It annoys me that he is just addressing the games rather than the whole expensive pack.

    I think on YouTube, it’s Nintendos most disliked video ever.

  4. Nintendo needs to create a tiered plan with this expansion. For me, there are five games I would love to play again on the N64 and I own better versions of four of them (OoT, Majora’s Mask, StarFox 64, all on the 3DS, and DooM 64 on the Switch and PC). As for Mario Kart 64, I would only play it for the original Yoshi’s Island track, because the “improvements” in MK8 were not improvements. I’m not paying an extra $30 a year for one Mario Kart track.

    The Sega Genesis app is moot with the Sega Genesis collection. I pay $30 ONCE and I can play them all I want, forever. Why pay $30 a year for something I can pay $30 once for?

    Finally, that Animal Crossing stuff. I don’t play Animal Crossing. I did for a few months, got bored, and traded it in to GameStop for a more fun game. I’m not paying $30 a year for something I will never use.

    What you should do is create a tiered system that lets subscribers choose what they have access to. Maybe add $5 a year for N64, $5 a year for Sega, and $20 for the Animal Crossing. Let us choose what we want, don’t make it all or nothing. The base package was great; it gave us online play and then NES/SNES as a bonus. The expansion is just too much for a bunch of stuff many players won’t ever touch.

    1. I mean, I get what you’re saying, but him saying they’re working on it now isn’t a bad thing. The timing for the problems being fixed, should they actually get fixed I mean, wouldn’t change if he made this statement or didn’t. We’ll just have to wait and see if they keep their word or not

  5. I like how companies say “we heard you loud and clear” but don’t make any attempt on saying what they’re going to try and do based on the feedback. I just take these statements as “yes, we’re aware of the backlash, but we’re going to continue not doing anything”.

  6. One thing they could fix is transparency; what are we actually paying for? SNES/NES games don’t really have a normal release schedule, right? We don’t know when to expect new games. We also don’t know what’s up with DLC being tied to membership. Is Animal crossing tie in a one time thing or can we expect all major Nintendo games to have their DLC included in online? Ps plus you know you’re getting a new free game each month right? Nintendo online who the heck knows.

  7. Nintendo Almost Never listens to Feedback Ever. If they do pay attention to their core audience them they definitely ignore us.

    Also “Always trying to improve our online services” They won’t even add basic online features that Video Game consoles have had for over twenty years now such as Native In Game Voice Chat and Messaging. And before anybody says “It’s to protect the Children” That’s what parental controls are for.

  8. Cry babies… I bought the expansion pack and I’m very happy with it. And so did a lot of other people. So if you don’t have something else to tell us, just shut up. OK, you don’t want it, then don’t buy it and stop complaining like cry babies.

  9. I only got this with the hopes of playing majoras mask with the release and everything on here is basically already buyable on the store. Must haves include:
    Majoras mask, f-zero x, diddy Kong racing, Musashi!!!, golden eye, golden eye!!! Come on!

    If these aren’t coming asap and Super Mario RPG, on the snes app along with the og final fantasies im done with switch.

    I understand im only one fan but we’ve requested these for years and new releases we look forward to are always so disappointing. I genuinely hope they use this $40 per person with such a horrid launch to cater to the players.

  10. “For us, it’s about quality and great content at a great value.”

    Lets up the online component to $60 a year without adding any features that players have been begging for for years, but the way we will justify the price increase…….Let them play crappy emulated 25 year old games!

  11. I’m starting to think that hiring Doug Bowser, an ex-EA employee, to pick up where Reggie Fils-Amie left off was a bad idea. Also, just by reading that quote “we take feedback very seriously” reeks of EA. Well, I said it once and I’ll say it again; DEFINITELY NOT GETTING A SWITH NOW!

  12. Please give us 1080, Diddy Kong Racing, 007 and Banjo Kazooie!! Those are my absolute favorite games and in need of a reboot on the Nintendo Switch!

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