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Pokemon Cafe Remix celebrates 10 million downloads

pokemon cafe remix celebration

The Pokemon Company is celebrating this afternoon as they have tweeted that Pokemon Cafe Remix has now reached 10 million downloads on the Nintendo Switch and iOS and Android. To reward players who have downloaded Pokemon Cafe Remix The Pokemon Company will give each player 5,000 Golden Acorns (in-game currency) which you can spent on whatever you like. All you need to do is log-into the free-to-play game by 19th November. Pokemon Cafe Remix is out now on the eShop and mobile devices.

2 thoughts on “Pokemon Cafe Remix celebrates 10 million downloads”

  1. I’ll get Manaphy on shinning pearl but most of my time will be spent on sword until pokemon home is working for bdsp. I need to send over 6 level 100’s so pearl will be easier.

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