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Mario movie co-producer says that he “can’t wait for people to hear” Chris Pratt’s Mario voice

Chris pratt mario

The Super Mario Movie is arriving next year from animation firm Illumination and it should hopefully be great (fingers crossed), but fans were a little concerned to hear that Chris Pratt would be voicing the star Italian plumber. The co-producer of the Super Mario Movie, Chris Meledandri, has said in a new interview that fans should relax as Chris Pratt’s Mario voice is what he calls “phenomenal” and that he can not wait for the fans to hear it. The Super Mario Movie is due out Christmas 2022.

“All I can tell you is the voice that he’s doing for us, and Mario, is phenomenal,” the 62-year-old insisted upon a recent return to LAX. “Yeah I can’t wait for people to hear it.”

Chris Meledandri


8 thoughts on “Mario movie co-producer says that he “can’t wait for people to hear” Chris Pratt’s Mario voice”

  1. This movie is either going to be amazing, or amazingly bad.
    With a cast like this I don’t think there can be any inbetween here.

  2. I’m nervous for this movie reveal. I bet all the actors are even more nervous, hoping the world doesn’t hate their takes or the movie in general. After the cast reveal, I dont even know what I want. Something closer to their normal voices or taking big swings with their voices. I have to remember it is a kids movie and it is for kids, so don’t get worked up about it as long as it brings kids joy.

  3. I will probably give him a chance since he did really well in Avengers Endgame as Starlord. So, I’m a little nervous about him voicing Mario instead of Charles. Fans don’t really need to panic about it.

  4. I have confidence he’ll do well. Nintendo is as stingy as they come, and I don’t think they would have signed off on Chris Pratt voicing their mascot if they didn’t think he had the voice for it.

  5. He has worked before as a voice actor, so there’s a bigger chance of him doing at least an ok voice than him doing a bad one. The main issue is that he’s no Charles Martinet, and we’re all already used to Charles’s voice

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