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Fall Guys is not coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2021, more info next year

fall guys

Fall Guys seems to be suffering the same fate as Genshin Impact in that we are no real step closer to finding out when the game is coming to Nintendo Switch, despite it being announced a while back. Today on the Fall Guys website they have briefly mentioned the Nintendo Switch version and it’s not coming anytime soon as the company behind the game announced more information will be announced later in 2022.

“We know everyone’s excited about Fall Guy coming to Nintendo Switch™ and Xbox, with good reason. There’s been a lot of speculation on social media connecting these new console releases to the Season 6 launch and we want to clarify that that’s not the case so no one’s left confused looking for the game on these platforms. Thank you for being patient with us, it’s one of our top priorities in active development and we can’t wait to share more details with you in 2022.”


4 thoughts on “Fall Guys is not coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2021, more info next year”

  1. Im 33yr old dad with 3 boys I bought them all Nintendo switch lite’s and since they played the game on my oldest son’s xb1s they have not stopped asking me to get it for there switches I was disappointed when seeing that it hade been delayed since I seen it promoted at EB games August 2021 for pre purchase November, December 2021 and told my boys i could get it for them at the end of the year anyways. They will be☹☹☹ this🎄🎄🎄

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