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Sonic Steam page has updated the number of games leading some to believe in a Sonic Frontiers reveal soon, also newly registered domain

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It seems as though the reveal of Sonic Frontiers which is pegged as the next evolution of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise could be announced soon. The recent trademark for Sonic Frontiers by SEGA along with a newly discovered web domain seems to suggest an announcement is due soon along with Sonic the Hedgehog Steam Curator page which has updated its number of Sonic the Hedgehog games from 34 to 35. Perhaps an announcement will be made at The Games Awards which is promising a number of brand new game reveals.


44 thoughts on “Sonic Steam page has updated the number of games leading some to believe in a Sonic Frontiers reveal soon, also newly registered domain”

  1. Well I hope they improve over forces. Forces wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t good either.

    Sega still hasnt figured out the sonic formula with 3d, after 20 years lol

    1. I wouldn’t even say that. Generations was an awesome blend of the flashy high speed action that is a bit more style than substance, but also way more expansive leveldesign with many alternate paths as well as loads of good platforming to break up the more speedy sections.

      So idk what happened with Forces. They’d figured out how to make boost Sonic games that are fun and not shallow 6 years prior and then they just… forgot again.

  2. I wish sonic heroes would get ported to Nintendo switch. I don’t want it buggy like the gta ports or sonic colors. I don’t want it to be subscription or cloud based either.

  3. It still amazes me how the Sonic franchise still has fans, considering how mediocre to awful the vast majority of it’s games are.

    1. I’m too tired to decipher if this is bait or not, but for me it’s because I loved all of the games back when I was a kid, as well as the strong and unique each game gave each of the characters. Sonic wasn’t ever just a games series; it was more than that. I still enjoy all of the old games, even the ones most people think are bad (other than 06 at least from a gameplay perspective). But yeah, it’s mostly because of the world of Sonic’s that’s got a strong lasting impression on me and others.

      1. It wasn’t bait at all, I’m completely serious here.

        I’ve played a handful of games in the series, and I’ve been thoroughly uninpressed by all of them, including stuff like Mania which was apparently supposed to be this big return to form for the series, but I just found it utterly mediocre and forgettable.
        From what you’ve said there, you’ve basically admitted the only reason you’re a Sonic fan is due to childhood nostalgia, which I kinda figured.
        Really not sure where the “more than a game series” part came from either. Sonic was never the cultural sensation that other franchises like Mario and Pokemon were. It came somewhat close in the 90’s, but never to their level. And where Mario and Pokemon are still held in high regard (the latter to a somewhat lesser extent recently perhaps), Sonic is basically treated as a joke these days, and rightly so.

        I just don’t understand why anyone would become a Sonic fan when there’s so many other fantastic 2D and 3D platformers out there. Like really, just go play a Mario game or something, why settle for mediocrity?

        1. I mean I played a lot of the games in childhood, but I wouldn’t say it’s only nostalgia. There are plenty of games I’ve played in recent years that I played as a child and now do not like outside of Sonic. The appeal of the 2D Sonic games is that, like Mario, they’re easy platformers that rewards your skill when you replay them. With Mario levels it’s understanding the layout to find secrets, get by enemies faster, or finding secrets exists that bring you to new levels. Sonic is similar where you have multiple branching paths, typically a high path, middle path, and a lower path. The high path is harder to stay on but is the fastest, the middle path is the average path, and the lower path is the easiest but takes longer. Typically failing on the higher path knocks you down to the middle, and failing middle knocks you down to the lower path. The appeal of this system is that no matter how many times you get hurt all you need to do to keep going is to pick up a single ring, so it encourages you to keep trying the level despite any difficulties you might have. Your reward for playing a level perfectly is the speed at which you move; it may not be your thing, which is fine, but a lot of enjoyment from Sonic level design is the thrill of going fast while still maintaining control over your character. It’s a very fine line, but when it works it just feels great. And that’s what Sonic offers that Mario doesn’t: the skill of speed. That’s not to say that you can’t go fast in Mario games, but the core design of a Mario game doesn’t reward that speed besides transitioning to the next level faster. It’s not the same feeling, so it’s not at all a matter of “settling for mediocrity”

          1. You’ve completely missed the point of what I said, it seems.

            All you’ve done here is explain the philosophy of Sonic’s level design, which is fine in theory.
            The problem is that, in execution, it’s done very poorly. Of the three 2D Sonic games I’ve played (1, 2 and Mania) I found the levels to be poorly thought out and extremely bland.

            The earlier games in particular don’t feel “fast” in the slightest, in fact they feel very slow due to Sonic being very sluggish and awkward to control due to the game’s poorly programmed physics, which is not enjoyable in the slightest. Compare that to Super Mario World, which came out at a similar time to the original Sonic, and the you can see the difference in control precision is like night and day, Mario controls like a dream in that game.

            I noticed how you’ve only tried to defend the 2D Sonic games here which I take to mean, perhaps, that you realise that the 3D enteries in particular are extremely poorly made games? Why the SA games are held in high regard by the Sonic fandom, I will never understand. They look and play like the most generic of shovelware, and seem to be the starting point where the series’ stories started to take themselves WAY too seriously, to extremely cringy results.
            The other more recent 3D outings like Generations and Forces were mediocre at best and, well, the less said about ’06 and Boom the better.

            The Mario series produces stellar game after stellar game, with very few hiccups. The 3D series in particular completely reinvents itself every few years to critical acclaim. Meanwhile, the Sonic Team can barely even make a functional game anymore.

            So yes, unfortunately this is most definitely a case of “settling for mediocrity”. There are DOZENS of superior 2D and 3D franchises out there, and by settling with Sonic you’re opting for a mediocre experience (at best).

            1. This just seems like you’re a Mario fan (which isn’t a problem) but the sonic series has done a lot of things right and wrong level design especially in the 2D games were unique, Sonic 1 you had to build up momentum to get to certain places, the music and the general story. Then the SA series which did try to get way too serious but still had its goofy moments, the series as a whole has gone down in quality but it still is one of the most remembered and Licea game franchises ever

              1. I am indeed a “Mario fan”, but that doesn’t invalidate my opinion on this matter, nor does it change the fact that the Sonic series as a whole has a lot of MAJOR flaws.

                Like I said in a previous comment, the physics of Sonic 1 in particular are atrocious. Building up speed is just frustrating, and fails to live up to the whole concept of the game. These “unique concepts” are good in theory l, but are executed extremely poorly.

                The music is alright I suppose, though there’s only a couple of tracks that actually stand out to me. And I’ve already said my piece on Sonic’s stories, so I’m not going over it again.

                I still can’t fathom in the slightest how people enjoy the SA games in particular when they look and play like shovelware, but if you enjoy them then more power to ya.

                As I also said in another comment, I’ve never believed Sonic deserved the reputation he got as “Mario’s rival” when the Mario franchise has utterly destroyed Sonic at every single turn. He’s very much a product of the 90’s “cool dude” attitude, and should’ve just stayed there if you ask me.

                But regardless, if you genuinely love the series, don’t let my complete and utterly distain for it ruin it for you.
                It’s perfectly fine to love a flawed franchise, I’m happy that you can get enjoyment out of something that I just cannot.

        2. Oh and as for my “more than a game series” comment, I mean that Sonic has always had a very real and interesting world filled with stories and interesting characters. For Sonic I’m not just going from one level to the next- I’m going from one story to the next. Knuckles’ life as a loner gets upended by Eggman and Sonic’s rivalry leading them to his island, and he’s forced to pick sides based off of the little information he has to go off of. In the end he finds companionship and new friends and stops being an outcast. Tails has the story of being a complete nobody until he finds and follows Sonic, which leads him to have great adventures with him. But at some point Tails realizes that he’s not living his life to the fullest because he’s just living in Sonic’s shadow. This leads him to discovering what it means to be himself and find his own self worth outside of Sonic while still seeing him as a good model to aspire towards. And that’s only two of the characters and stories in Sonic’s world. There’s plenty more to find if you don’t blanket it all under “mediocrity”.

          Oh and I have no idea why you said that Sonic was never a cultural sensation. The fact that he’s still the only video game character that’s considered Mario’s industry rival is telling enough how huge of an impact he’s left. Plenty of modern creative works are inspired somewhat from Sonic too. Sonic’s status as a”joke” these days is only viewed that way from a narrow minded view, as anyone who actually pays attention can see that he’s still celebrated and loved for what he’s contributed to the gaming landscape as a whole. You don’t have to be a sonic fan to appreciate Sonic and all the unique concepts he’s brought with him

          1. Oh dear… you seriously think that the Sonic series has interesting stories and characters?
            You direly need to play a story-rich RPG or VN, I can’t even fathom how anyone could think Sonic stories or characters are “good”.
            99% of the story that you’ve mentioned there is just hokey cliche after hokey cliche, each done much better in other stories. You’re not exactly selling anyone on Sonic games with THAT, least of all me.

            Sonic had his popularity, but it never reached the hights of Mario and Pokemon. Not even close.
            And I’m sorry but… what? Mario’s industry rival? Uh… you realise we’re not in the 90’s anymore, right?
            Sonic hasn’t been a worthy rival to Mario for practically two decades now, and that doesn’t look like it’s ever going to change.
            And no, Sonic IS treated like a joke, and for perfectly valid reasons. You seem completely incapable of looking beyond your nostalgia and seeing the rampart mediocrity in the franchise. The awful stories in particular is where most of the jokes come from.

            “Unique concepts” means absolutely nothing when executed poorly, which pretty much explains the Sonic franchise in a nutshell.
            There’s nothing wrong with enjoying objectivly flawed games, but you can’t just brush said flaws away and pretend they don’t exist. That’s when you become a fanboy.

            1. Ok, now I know you’re just trolling lol. Well either that or you really do just have a super narrow mindset. Anyway, have a goodnight man. Also play Mother 3 if you haven’t before; really great story that one is

              1. I’m “trolling” because I don’t enjoy an objectively flawed series? lmao
                I literally explained my reasons for disliking it too, so for you to just write it all off by saying I’m “trolling”… well, I’m guessing you just weren’t capable of coming up with any actual counter points to what I was saying, huh?

                The only one with a narrow mindset here is you buddy, you clearly can’t handle other people criticising your favourite childhood franchise. You really shouldn’t be on the internet in the first place if you’re utterly incapable of participating in a simple and civil discussion over something so insignificant.

                And I’ve already played Mother 3, it’s a fantastic game with a wonderful story. So it baffles me even more how you can possibly think Sonic games have good, deep stories after having played a masterpiece like Mother 3?
                Has your nostalgia really made you THAT blind?

                If you’re not willing to have a proper and objective discussion over something like this, don’t bother replying the first place. It only wastes both my time and yours.
                I have no interest in dealing with delusional fanboys on here.

                Have a good night :-)

                1. Wow I mean just wow. So you talk about how he’s “not willing to have a proper and objective discussion” but all you’ve done is insult him, invalidate his opinions, and force your negative opinions about the franchise like they’re facts. All he’s done is share his opinion and why he likes the series, while you on the other hand counter argue every little thing he said like you’re some all knowing geek wizard who proudly lives in their mother’s basement. @CosmicTornado never made a single rude comment, made an accusation about you, and he sure as hell never belittled or invalidated anything you said. Dude’s just saying why he loves the franchise. Everyone on here knows I hate what the Pokemon franchise has become but you don’t see me insulting every pokemon fan on this website. Wtf is wrong with you?

                  I didn’t want to be the one to say this, but did you step on a lego brick or something today, or were you always this much of a condescending asshole?

                  1. Insult him? All I’ve done is state my views on the matter. It was him who implied I was “closed-minded” with zero actual explanation, so I replied in kind. You must be extremely sensitive to consider what I’ve said to be “insults”. Maybe grow some thicker skin in future?

                    “All he’s done is share his opinion and why he likes the series”
                    And all I’ve done is share my opinion and why I hate the series. You see how this whole “opinion” thing works?

                    “like you’re some all knowing geek wizard who proudly lives in their mother’s basement.”
                    I’m sorry, what were you saying about “insults” earlier? Kinda hypocritical there bud.

                    It’s honeslty alarming how defensive you Sonic fanboys get when someone insults your “beloved” series. Here I thought you might be a somewhat reasonable fan based on your last comment to me on here, but alas not.

                2. No, you’re trolling because you won’t stop to consider a different perspective and instead only push a one sided mindset. I never said Sonic wasn’t flawed, and hell nothing isn’t. I can look past flaws when something is just something genuinely entertaining to me. How’s that for me having a narrow mindset? A Sonic game isn’t even my number one, nor number two game (that would be Majora’s Mask and Mother 3 respectively lol). Look man, people can have opinions, and clearly you have yours, but I’ll be straight up with you: you aren’t someone I want to have a conversation with because you speak in absolutes like stating “the series is mediocre, so why not just play Mario instead”. That’s a statement that leaves zero room for differing perspective. I was trying to be civil with you, and you didn’t do anything except berate and belittle others with your word usage. Don’t come at me saying I’m incapable of having a simple and civil discussion over something so insignificant when you make trying to have one a tiresome chore.

                  Only other thing I’ll say is that I never said Sonic’s stories were deep or thought provoking like Mother 3. Nah they’re mostly simple like Mario’s are, but they’re a different kind of simple that’s not just “save princess”. The fact that you put extra words into my mouth and created a strawman to attack me with also shows why I don’t find enjoyment with “discussing” with you because at that point it’s no longer a discussion and just a debate with a wall. Not to mention that you latched on to me saying I played the series as a kid as some way to hand wave any sense of enjoyment I might have now as “nostalgia”. If that was a reason for me to like Sonic, then why do I not find any enjoyment from Sonic Chronicles, Sonic 4, Sonic Spinball, Sonic 3D Blast, etc.(I’ve got a list, but I’ll spare you that extra needless fluff)? Surely it’s all just because nostalgia right? There’s no way that there’s any bit of inherent value or entertainment that can be found by others in a series you don’t enjoy. Or perhaps, maybe, just maybe, you weren’t interested in having any open discussion at all? Maybe you just wanted to belittle someone else’s opinion on Sonic because you don’t find it as fun as Mario? Hmm, maybe?

                  See that’s why you came across as just a troll. You didn’t sound like you wanted to have any kind of civil discussion, and whether intentional or not you definitely belittled others throughout this. If you’re willing to leave your ego outside the door then I’ll be willing to have an actual civil discussion with you. Simple as that. And if you don’t, well regardless I still hope you have a good one, night or day.

                  1. No, you’re literally calling me a troll because I don’t agree with what you’ve said. I HAVE considered your arguements here, but they’ve done nothing to change my mind on the franchise.

                    I pointed out flaws with the Sonic franchise, flaws that you failed to counter in your reply, instead opting to simply call me a “troll” instead. Why should I bother being civil with a person like that?

                    For gods sake, I literally fucking wrote in my previous comment that it’s fine to enjoy the series, even if it is flawed. I personally don’t, and don’t understand why anyone would want to play them over much better platformers. That is obviously just MY opinion, and I shouldn’t need to fucking label it as such.
                    I’d have thought you’d have the brain power to understand that by yourself.

                    You stated the Sonic stories have a very “real world and interesting characters” which I don’t agree with in the slightest. Again, I don’t see how you can play a game like Mother 3 and consider Sonic stories to be “interesting”.

                    My original comment asked why people would enjoy this series, and your initial reply literally said it’s because “you loved all of the games back when you were a kid”. Again, you LITERALLY SAID THIS IN THE FIRST LINE OF YOUR FIRST COMMENT.

                    If you felt “belittled” by my comments criticising the Sonic series, then that’s a you problem. I literally said there’s nothing wrong with you enjoying it, but the two of you seem to have “magically” missed that part as to fit your narritive that I’m just a troll.

                    Actually READ what I’m saying, and stop taking everything so bloody personally.

                    1. Nah lol. You ain’t fooling me. You don’t wanna hear my perspective. You just wanna have a debate. I explained to you in my very first post why people like Sonic, and you didn’t like that response because you don’t share the same feelings. You can echo the same sentiment that people can have opinions, but you’ve lost your audience when you don’t respect the other person’s opinions. Look man you don’t have to agree, you don’t have to like Sonic, but what you do have to do in order to have an actual civil discussion is to respect others and not make a definitive statement like “it’s mediocre, just play Mario”. If you can’t understand why someone would be taken aback by that, then you’re lacking a lot of self awareness.

                      Ya know what, yeah I recant my statement about you being a troll. Clearly you can’t be one since now you’re being highly defensive about your actions and trolls don’t do that. What I will say is that you lack social and self awareness when it comes to civil discussions. Don’t take this so seriously, but take it seriously enough that you can allow yourself to actually hear another person’s thoughts rather than taking what the other person says and loading it into a cannon to fire a debate topic back with. If you really wanna learn more about how someone else feels, you don’t debate them. You listen to them and try to understand why they might feel a certain way when you feel differently. You don’t say “oh, so it’s just nostalgia”, since that’s such a baseless concept that can be applied to every single video game. Halo? Fantastic fps series, but I don’t play fps games. Should I then tell someone else that they’re just nostalgia blind because I can’t see why they wouldn’t play Doom instead? No because that’s counterintuitive. Meanwhile I gave you true reasons why one person might find Sonic more desirable to play rather than Mario, but you either ignored it or didn’t care. Again, you didn’t respect the opposing opinion. I brought up Mother 3, which is undoubtedly one of the best stories ever told (a sentiment that you agree with), but because you are so narrow minded you couldn’t stop to think that maybe a simple story is also just fun? Mother 3 and Sonic’s stories aren’t comparable from a narrative level, but both can impact you in different ways. I found a part of my true inner self when reflecting on Mother 3, but that doesn’t mean Sonic’s silly banter can’t be enjoyed as well. Sometimes you wanna eat steak, but sometimes a hotdog is what you crave. Just because you always want to eat steak that does not take away the intrinsic value of the hotdog for other people, and just because everyone else likes eating hotdogs that does not take away the fulfillment and satisfaction you feel when eating that steak.

                      Can you see how I’m trying to level with you here? Right now I’m trying to understand how you think so that we can have a civil discussion. I don’t wanna debate you. I’m not gonna drag up exact points you say to strike a hole in any argument. I came into this thread because you wanted to understand something, and I thought I could provide you with an answer. If we can level that here and now, then maybe we can come to an understanding. But if you just keep bringing up inane points like how I grew up with Sonic so I can’t provide any validity outside of nostalgia, then I’m afraid we won’t be able to get anywhere. So I’ll just say it as blankly as possible:

                      Do you want to know why people like Sonic, or do you just want to argue why Mario and other platformers are better than/superior to Sonic?

                    2. I’ve already heard your perspective, I’ve heard you try to explain what it is you like about the Sonic franchise, but it’s done nothing to change my view or even explain why someone might like it.
                      And yes, of course I want to have a debate. Why are you saying that as if it’s a bad thing?

                      How am I “not respecting other opinions” when I’ve literally said it’s okay for you to like it? I genuinly don’t know what part of my comments you’ve taken massive offense to, but you really need to get over it. The “definitive statement” is my opinion. You don’t have to agree with it, but it’s still what I think. Christ, I can’t believe I’m still having to explain this.

                      You claim I “ignored your true reasons for why people might prefer Sonic”…except I didn’t. I replied with counter-arguements to almost every point you made, it was YOU who then decided to call me a troll rather than actually present a counter-arguement. After all this time you STILL haven’t responded to those counter-arguements, so you’re coming across as pretty hypocritical right now bud.

                      “but because you are so narrow minded you couldn’t stop to think that maybe a simple story is also just fun?”
                      …I literally said I prefer the simplistic stories of Mario games in one of my previous comments, why are you putting words into my mouth? Again, very hypocritical considering you accused me of “strawmanning” earlier.
                      Simplistic stories are fine, but Sonic’s simplistic stories are just… bad. They’re cringy, full of cliches and often take themselves far too seriously. I have had to say all this half a dozen times now, please stop bringing up old arguements I’ve already responded to.

                      Why are the terms “civil discussion” and “debate” polar opposites for you? We can easily have a friendly arguement where we point out the holes in each others arguement, you just need to not take what I say so seriously.
                      I’ve already stated numerous times that I’ve not intended any offense by my statements here, but at the same time I’m not gonna sugarcoat what I think.

                      I do still want an answer to why people like Sonic but, like I’ve said, I’m yet to hear an answer that satisfies me. And stop harping on about the “nostalgia” thing. It was literally the first thing you mentioned in your comment, so of course I’m going to take it into account. You’ve tried to backtrack on it since but it’s clear that a great deal of love you hold for Sonic comes from your childhood.

                      And that’s fine, but I want to hear more concrete reasons for why the series is so sacred to you.

                      The other person in this arguement, as dissapointing as they turned out to be, at least agreed with how the series has MAJOR flaws, like how it fails to deliver on it’s concept of high speed 2D platforming.
                      If a game fails to deliver on it’s concept, then I just don’t see how it can be seen as a good game.

                      If you have an actual, genuine rebuttle to this point, please go right ahead. I promise I’ll try to keep my “condecending” remarks to a minimun, though like I’ve said that was never the intention in the first place. It’s just how I argue.

            2. I’m gonna have to correct you on some of that. Bringing up the whole “settling for mediocrity” in the sense you’re using really just means that the Sonic franchise doesn’t fit your tastes, therefore it’s terrible. Otherwise I can say the exact same thing for Mario; other than Mario Kart, and Mario Galaxy, the series is boring as hell and pretty lame overall. But I wouldn’t say that because the Mario franchise just doesn’t fit my taste and I don’t want to sound like some ignorant internet troll.

              You see the Mario franchise and see a lore about a plumber, exciting characters, vibrant worlds, etc and you love it. For us we see the Sonic franchise and see a lore about a world full of loveable animal characters, beautiful scenery and nature themes, diverse storytelling, etc and we love it. For you to say it’s terrible like it’s a fact, and then invalidate his love for the series as “settling for mediocrity” is trending a bit on the side of being a douchebag. This is no different than a typical “My series is better than yours” arguement.

              Now, a part that needs to be corrected is the whole idea of being a fan. I’m certain I can speak for a large portion of the fanbase when I say this, but we’re fans of the “OLDER” era of sonic. I’m talking Sonic Generations and everything before it. That’s the Sonic we grew up with and loved, it’s the era where the franchise actually had personality and effort put into it. Everything after that tho, it’s absolute shit. Post-Generations Sonic games are just “Let’s re-use the same stages, Shoehorn classic sonic into this somehow, replay the same old rival/boss battles, or make some terrible new story full of edgyness and cringe (I’m referring to Sonic Lost World, Sonic BOOM, & Sonic Forces”. If you’re saying “settling for mediocrity” in regard to every game after Generations, where the franchises started to decline, then yes you’re correct and I can agree with that.

              Overall, the franchise does have unique concepts and characters, but it is executed poorly. I can 100% agree with you there because I’ve been saying that about the series for years. My first games were Sonic Heroes & Sonic Riders, and I got into the franchise through reading all the Sonic Comics as a kid. But when I actually played the older games I realized it’s all executed very poorly. Being the fastest thing alive is great, but the sidescrolling kills it. The “Modern Era” (Generations/Adventure/Unleashed, etc) improve, but it’s still missing something. Again, like I’ve been saying on this site for so long; the comics have sooooo much damn potential and lore, but SEGA refuses to acknowledge it. The Sonic franchise is better suited for an open world game to capitalize on the nature scenery, and add the elements of driving games like Forza/Gran Turismo to nail the speed concept down.

              I think this is what @CosmicTornado was trying to say. We’re fans of the Sonic we grew up with, not this post-generation crap that has no effort. We’re not fans of the current Sonic, but we’re still hopeful that SEGA will return to it’s roots and fix the series. This is where I am with the Sonic, Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, Pokemon, DBZ, Starfox, etc franchises. I’m a fan of their earlier selves, hate what they’ve become, but hopefully they can be redeemed. Yeah the series has it’s flaws, and yes the whole concept of speed is executed poorly and potential is wasted, but we still love the older sonic games we grew up with and they’re still fun to us

              At the end of the day, it has it’s flaws and it’s not perfect, but so does every franchise, let’s just leave it at that and worse case let’s just agree to disagree. I thinks that’s reasonable :)

              1. If you’d actually read my previous comment, you’d have seen me say “There’s nothing wrong with enjoying objectivly flawed games, but you can’t just brush said flaws away and pretend they don’t exist. That’s when you become a fanboy.”

                You can enjoy the series all you want, I never said you can’t. But Cosmic was so adamantly refusing to admit to the series’ flaws, that it’s honestly kinda pathetic. You, at least, seem to accept that fact that it’s a flawed franchise. Me saying it’s “settling for mediocrity” is my own personal opinion, and shouldn’t invalidate your love for the series at all.

                And I don’t dislike the Sonic franchise because it “doesn’t fit my tastes”, I literally said earlier that the concept of the games is good. I’d love a genuinly good, speed based 2D platformer.
                But the issue, as even you have admitted yourself, is that the concept is executed poorly. THAT is why I dislike Sonic so much.

                And again, you can like the stories and such as much as you want. You’re entitled to your opinion. But I utterly despise them. They’re cringy, they’re cliche and their tone is all over the place.
                Maybe you think the story of Mario games is too bland and generic, and maybe there’s a point there.
                But I’d MUCH rather Mario games keep their story simple than turn into the hot garbage that is Sonic’s stories. I play Mario games for their stellar gameplay, not their story. We at least we have the RPG spin-offs to scratch that story itch.

                If you really, genuinly love the series, then you shouldn’t let my hatred of it deter you. That wasn’t my intention.
                I just personally can’t comprehend why people would play such a mediocre franchise that is, as we’ve discussed, incapable of living up to it’s potential, when there’s so many better games out there that have. That’s all my comments have been saying from the beginning.

                  1. I agree, I’m completely sick of all of this.

                    Though I would just like to state yet again, and hopefully for the final time, that I have ZERO problems with people liking Sonic games, I just personally don’t understand why people would.
                    That was MY opinion, just as everyone else is entitled to their own opinion.

                    If anyone on here actually took personal offense to my criticisms of the Sonic series, or feel as if they “invalidated” their own opinions, then they REALLY need to take a long, hard look at themselves.

                1. Oh I do wanna say something about this thing you said about me and my character- “but Cosmic was so adamantly refusing to admit to the series’ flaws, that it’s honestly kinda pathetic”.

                  Look, I’m using a mobile device to read all of these messages. I don’t even know of all the other messages outside of the ones you directly reply to me with, so if I missed anything that you wanted me to address, I blame the mobile app honestly. I want you to know that I fully understand all of the flaws in the Sonic series and its format; I personally am not bothered by them and look past them (er, well most of them at least) because I want to have fun with the series. I don’t appreciate you calling me pathetic for having a mindset I clearly don’t even agree with though. Those are the sort of comments I was saying made you sound like a troll earlier. Maybe you just speak bluntly? Idk, but that’s not how I envision people having a civil discussion. As for Sonic’s flaws, well, I’ll scream it if I have to,


                  The last thing I wanna say since I forgot to say it in my last message, if I made you uncomfortable or irritated, or whatever have you, I apologize. I will admit I felt like my personal character was being attacked by your comments, not because you and I differ in gaming views, but because of certain demeanors you had all throughout the discussion. Perhaps I should have just straightened up my backbone a little (it was a tiring day at work, so I didn’t probably also took the easy route with my emotions), but all that regardless I truly did mean it when I wished you a good night and/or day. I’d like to hope that silly discussions about differing video game series wouldn’t define either of our characters, and now that I think of it I should also apologize to you for assuming so much about your character earlier.

                  Hope you have a good one. Truly. 👍

                  1. I do tend to speak very bluntly, yes. I don’t mean offense by it, it’s just how I am. I apologise for any offense you may have taken by my words however, I do realise I’m not always aware of when I’ve perhaps gone too far.
                    I said some of this in my most recent comment, but I’m guessing you haven’t seen it yet, possibly due to your mobile app, I’ve never used it so idk.

                    The only time I got irritated during all this was when you and the other person repeatedly called me a “troll”. It seemed to me like a pathetic attempt at trying to invalidate my arguements with baseless accusations rather than countering them yourself, but I see now that was not your intention, so I apologise for that as well.

                    Ultimately, my point was that I dislike the Sonic franchise for it’s lost potential and poor design and stories. I never intended to insinuate that you are not allowed to enjoy the games yourself, honestly I’m happy for you that you get enjoyment out of something that I just cannot.

                    It seemed to me at first that you were just purposely ignoring the various flaws in the series, but I see now that I must’ve misunderstood you. I think we both misunderstood each other and what we were both trying to get across, and I take equal blame in that.

                    Thank you for bringing this to a peaceful close anyway, in future I’ll try not to be less confrontational during debates like this.
                    I hope you have a good day also.

                  2. Oh, and Majora’s Mask also happens to be one of my all-time favourite games as well, as well as Mother 3 as mentioned before.

                    So we seem to have a somewhat similar taste in games, at least :-)

    2. I second this.
      I looooved Sonic in the 90’s. And I liked the first Adventure game for what it was. But after that it went downhill fast. There were some occasional good games (Advance, Rush, Colors, Generations, Mania), but you’re right. Most of them are bad lol.
      Hardcore Sonic fans will defend this series to the grave though. I absolutely hated Forces and have no faith in Sonic Team to deliver on this next game.

  4. Sonic Generations was a solid blend game in the franchise but they really need to rebalance the Sonic formula In future Sonic games and make it a bit more fresh and unique just like sonic unleashed or possibly Sonic Adventure. I’m still an adventure series fan of the franchise. So, I still have a little faith in SEGA to get the series back to its roots.

    1. They should focus on creating a fun game instead of making sonic look cool, adventure was awesome cus it was fun then everything started to go south when they tried adding edgy things, generations was fun too.

  5. I’m going to wait to see the reception on this game before even considering on buying it, and even then I’m not sure if I’ll get it. Sonic Forces remains one of the most disappointing games to date for me, and the Sonic Colors era has been full of them.

    1. Heh no kidding. SEGA is basically trying to bride there old school fans back to the series and many of them expects something new and more challenging in the franchise. Sonic Adventure 2 was mostly challenging in the game.

      1. It just felt like such a ripoff. I know I’ve said it plenty of times before, but it was just so frustrating seeing Chaos returning being treated as a huge deal only for him to do nothing at all, and Infinite was also extremely underwhelming. Not even the level design was good since those would finish when they felt like they were just starting. I could go on and on.

        1. I agree with you. Chaos didn’t anything at all. Anything at all. Not only that, He wasn’t part as a boss in the game. And infinite yeah it is a bit underwhelming. How disappointing seeing that game at its current state like this. This is why SEGA shouldn’t be rushing there games right off the bat. They just treating that game as garbage.

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