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Halo Infinite beats Metroid Dread wins Player’s Voice 2021 at The Game Awards 2021

Halo Infinite for PC and Xbox consoles has walked away with the Player’s Voice Award at The Game Awards 2021. Halo Infinite won with 35% of the votes and Metroid Dread for Nintendo Switch walked away with second place. The Game Awards 2021 takes place this evening and should hopefully be an entertaining event.

20 thoughts on “Halo Infinite beats Metroid Dread wins Player’s Voice 2021 at The Game Awards 2021”

  1. Didn’t this game literally just come out yesterday though? And I’ve heard that it’s suffering from a lot of bugs and is missing some pretty basic features that should’ve been in the game from the start.

    This only proves my point even further that the Game Awards are just a popularity contest, there’s not even a shread of critical thinking going on here.

    What a joke.

      1. I was speaking about the Game Awards as a whole, not just this specific category. There’s still next to zero critical thinking it regards to which games get awards, it always comes down to brand recognition and which company paid the most to be there.
        The whole thing is a sham.

        And the result for this category is bad enough on its own, with the fact that so many people have voted for a game that they likely haven’t even played much of, if at all. A game that is severly undercooked, crawling with bugs and lacking major features that previous games in the series had from the beginning. You’d have thought people would have more sense than to vote for a game like that.
        But nope, it’s a Halo game. So people are gonna vote for it regardless.

  2. It just released yesterday and has far, far less content (and polish) than any of the older games.
    Terrible f2p model for multiplayer (probably the worst I’ve ever seen??), no co-op campaign, no forge, awful progression, not even a freakin Slayer playlist at launch, desynch issues on pc that make it borderline unplayable in MP… even a simple feature like selecting previous campaign missions isn’t there. Did I mention it’s pretty buggy?

    But sure! It’s better than Dread, which is an all-around fantastic Metroid game. Lmao… ridiculous. People are so easily pleased, it’s saddening.

  3. Guys, guys. Sure, Metroid Dread is a great game. Sure, Halo Infinite literally just came out and is full of bugs. But did Nintendo even consider driving a dumptruck full of money over to Geoff Keighley’s house, getting down on their hands and knees and kissing his feet while sobbing and begging for his favor? No. That’s why Xbox execs know how to sweep an award show, baby.

  4. Bandwagon votes. Halo Infinite didn’t even “officially” release until the other day. All it had release was its multiplayer as a beta.

    Even if this was a fan vote, it should have been held off until next year as if typical for December games like the main awards do.

  5. I grew up with Halo and Infinite’s launch is worse than Halo 5’s. Most of the people praising the multiplayer are the esports gamers Microsoft pandered to and people praising single player are saying they’re going to finish the game after it gets patched.

    Noone seems happy with the micro-transaction system, even the ones using it are complaining about the battlepass being padded with bland armor coatings that took zero effort. They couldn’t even make the effort to add female customization like previous games have made standard, which I presume is something to do with keeping the players as similar as possible, in a game that milks customization, for esports.

    I for one am waiting for at least coop to be added to campaign and for the multiplayer to get more content, remember which century this is and make female Halo players feel included again among other elephants in the room that need addressing.

    1. Just out of curiosity, what has the series done to make female players feel as if they’re not included like you said?
      I’m not super familiar with the Halo series personally, so I don’t know if I’ve missed something here.

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