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The original voice actress for Tails will reprise her role in Sonic Movie 2

Miles “Tails” Prower voice actress will be reprising her role in the upcoming Sonic Movie 2 and she will be joined by Sonic voice actor Ben Schwartz and the new Knuckles voice actor Idris Elba. Colleen O’Shaughnessey has been voicing Tails since 2014. We will get our first look at Sonic Movie 2 at The Game Awards this evening. Sonic Movie 2 will be heading to cinemas on 8th April, 2022.

12 thoughts on “The original voice actress for Tails will reprise her role in Sonic Movie 2”

    1. I think he means “original” as in the current voice of Tails for the games and not some shoehorned-in big Hollywood name, like how Chris Pratt is for Mario’s voice in the Mario movie next year.

      1. Kate Higgins is or was the current VA for Tails, she ain’t Hollywood as she is the VA for Sakura from Naruto and i believe the vocals for Jump Up Superstar. Not hating on Ben but i do prefer Roger as I’m more used to him.

  1. This is cool and all, but this begs the question: why didn’t they get Roger Craig Smith to voice Sonic in the original movie? They could get Tails’ current VA for the games but not Sonic’s?

    Good thing it isn’t Tom Holland voicing Tails- I don’t want him anywhere near a recording booth for a Sonic project.

    1. I agree with this I don’t mind movie sonic VA in general cause I like him in other roles but honestly he sounds super obnoxious as sonic, and with the generic plot the movie has to offer it’s a huge turn off to me.

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