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ChocoboGP coming to Switch in March 2022

Chocobo gp

Nintendo and Square Enix have announced that Chocobo GP will be arriving exclusively on the Nintendo Switch system in March. The Final Fantasy-inspired kart racer will feature both local and online multiplayer and online tournaments which feature 64 player support in a Chocobo GP Mode. Check out the fresh new trailer for Chocobo GP down below.

“Get ready for pandemonium as you get to the starting line!
Enjoy local and online multiplayer with friends, in different and exciting modes! You can also compete in online knock-out style tournaments with up to 64 players in Chocobo GP Mode! Set out on a charming campaign in Story Mode, where Chocobo and friends enter a racing tournament to grant their greatest wish! Do you have what it takes to claim victory?”

6 thoughts on “ChocoboGP coming to Switch in March 2022”

  1. I kept seeing almost a good amount of people comparing this to mk8 in nintendo official trailer video today, and I really don’t see any difference, everything about this game looks good and it seems like its filled with a lot of game modes, I feel like people should realize that certain mechanics in genere games shouldn’t equal up to ripoff, that would be like saying alot of fighting games ripoff eachother because they use a health bar/combos mechanic, that being said I don’t know if Imwant to buy chocobo race, as their are some other games I have on my 2022 lineup list I think I might budge getting it holiday season though.

  2. I’m curious why they decided to release it in March of all times. Gran Turismo 7 releases that month and it’s easily the most anticipated racing game so everyone’s attention might be focused on that instead.

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