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Your Nintendo Switch 2021 year in review now available

If you have opted to share your Nintendo Switch user data with Nintendo you can now view your Year in Review. Your Year in Review shows you what your most played games have been on your Nintendo Switch system and how many hours you have spent playing. The Year in Review site only seems to work if you have shared your play data with Nintendo. If you have turned that off then you won’t be able to see your Year in Review. Click the link below to view yours!

11 thoughts on “Your Nintendo Switch 2021 year in review now available”

  1. Hades was my most played game.

    My total gaming hours were almost double that of last year’s apparently. I think I might have a proble.=m…

      1. Oh my gawd you talk 😳, but yeah I had over hundreds of hours about around 800 that update added about +100 more hours to it and I’m still currently playing through the dlc.

  2. Picross 3, Alien Isolation, Metroid Dread in that order for me. My year was bookended by women exploring space stations with a scary creature on the loose. Alien was so damn scary.

    1. Oof, it’s alarming to me that I managed to spend over 94 hours on just a single game, with some other games exceeding 100 hours of playtime this year.

      …I should probably work a bit harder next year.

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