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New Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer

pokemon legends: arceus

Today, The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo revealed a brand new trailer for Pokémon Legends: Arceus, which releases Friday, January 28, 2022. As part of this announcement, the company has also unveiled the following characters and details:

  • The Diamond Clan and the Pearl Clan, the Hisui Region’s two clans 
  • Adaman and Irida, the young leaders in charge of the Diamond and Pearl Clans 
  • A group of merchants known as the Ginkgo Guild, who travel the region selling wares to trainers and villagers
  • Darkrai – gamers with play records from Pokémon Brilliant Diamond or Pokémon Shining Pearl will be able to encounter this Mythical Pokémon through a special research request in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Source: The Pokemon Company

8 thoughts on “New Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer”

  1. That Darkrai sounds like good news. The anime episodes this Friday and next Friday are ones I will skip. It’s nice to have some mythicals without going to stores or subbing to a newsletter.

  2. Looks pretty boring. It’ll sell like hotcakes.

    It’s too bad that, instead of releasing 3 games (Legends, DP remakes) they could have just put all that budget and manpower on making just ONE good, polished game.

    But I guess 3 games makes more profit… especially when two of those games are just the same game… and also a remake of an older game.

    1. Eh, hard disagree. I think it looks pretty fun from what we’ve seen of it so far.
      I’m glad they’re actually doing something different with the franchise after all this time, both gameplay wise and aesthetically.

      Looking forward to picking it up~

    2. Diamond and pearl was made by a different team. Both games cater to different markets. Diamond and peral allows you to a more traditional game, and those that are interested in the gem, but never got to play it. Arceus is for those that are long time fans and want something new, along with getting people who are more into rpg types of game.

  3. Ahh yes, placing the events of Diamond and Pearl before the events of Red and Blue.

    Because you know, that makes sense…

  4. I will stab Avery with a kitchen knife and shoot him with a gun for replacing Klara. #AverySucks

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