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Square Enix reveals Triangle Strategy box-art

triangle strategy

Square Enix’s next big strategy RPG project which is called Triangle Strategy is due for release in March exclusively on the Nintendo Switch platform and it is looking rather impressive indeed. Recently the Japanese company revealed the box-art, which admittedly looks rather bleak. It’s not clear whether this will be the box-art for Triangle Strategy in the west, but we shall find out soon as Triangle Strategy is set to be released on 4th March.

11 thoughts on “Square Enix reveals Triangle Strategy box-art”

      1. Nice FFT-reference you made there. But then again, to me thay’s all that Triangle Strategy is. A reminder of past perfection.

  1. I guess placeholder artwork makes sense on a game with a placeholder title. Let’s hope the game itself doesn’t play like a prototype.

    1. …This game comes out in two months. If the title were going to change from a placeholder, it would have happened by now. This is like when we thought Octopath Traveler was going to have a finalized title but it stayed Octopath Traveler- as good as that game is, the title will forever remain strange.

  2. Yeah the title is weird. It reads like a genre rather than a game title.

    Also, the setting looks very grim. It might put off some people (or encourage them!). But I know we are in for a treat. SE never disappoints. It will be a solid game.

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