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The Terraria “Journey’s End” update is now available on the Nintendo Switch

Terraria players have been able to enjoy the “Journey’s End” update on PC since May of 2020. Since then, the update has been gradually rolled out for other platforms. In fact, the Nintendo Switch version of the game had been the only platform that had not received the update yet. As of yesterday, that has changed.

It has been announced that the “Journey’s End” update has been released on the Nintendo Switch version of Terraria. Content-wise, this means that the Switch version is now at equivalent of version on PC. According to Re-Logic in an official blog post, “the team will be focusing on bringing Console/Mobile/Switch up to content parity with the current PC version (1.4.3)”. The official announcement tweet can be seen down below.

3 thoughts on “The Terraria “Journey’s End” update is now available on the Nintendo Switch”

  1. Yessss what fantastic news!

    This means we are nearing the day where all terraria editions will have the same update version more than ever now, meaning that we might also be nearing that legendary day when cross platform multiplayer may finally become a reality.

    It’s not confirmed, but the devs did mention that they wanted to achieve update version unity between all terraria editions first before beginning anything else, and did mention that cross platform multiplayer is a potential option to give a try at once they get version unity out of the way. No confirmation, but regardless, the future is looking very exciting and hopeful indeed.

    Way to go, re-logic! We’re with ya all the way! 😄

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